Since I’ve recently read The Infinity Gauntlet (for the first time) I thought I should go over that story, and what they may take from it or change for the newest Avenger movie. I also go over what could happen next, because let’s face it, they’re probably only going to use a lot the characters’ names from the source material, and that’s most likely where the similarities with the comics are going to end.

But before we look into that, let’s take a quick second to go over how we even got to this point. This is something they’ve been building towards in the MCU for over a decade. They have taken time and effort to craft the story for so many years. We have gotten to know these characters so well and have grown attached to them—almost like they’re actual people. It’s been a long process, and now it seems to all be coming to a head.

mcu wallpaper.jpg

All right, now with that out of the way, let’s talk about what I think might be different between the comics and the movie. Now, I’m only taking this from what we’ve seen from the trailers and know beforehand from previous movies.

One of the big differences has to be that in the comics, everybody already knows who Thanos is. The Avengers have gone up against him a couple times. He had died and come back before getting his gauntlet. It appears in the movie, before he can gather all the stones (gems if you’re a fan of the comics), he’s able to take out the Avengers pretty easily.

thanos cap.jpg

I haven’t read those previous stories to know how difficult or dangerous he was previously, but he probably wasn’t as strong I imagine. It also looks like there will be a good bit of fighting on Earth in the movie. In the comics the entirety of the fight took place on this floating Castle in space, which Thanos made using his gauntlet.

Another interesting aspect is going to be the characters themselves. There are a good bit of heroes who were in the comics but aren’t going to show up in the movie. To name a few: Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and Adam Warlock—all of which play an important part in the comic series. Not saying it won’t be any good without them, it’s just going to change things up a bit.

adam warlock.jpg

Let’s move on to what this could set up for in the next movie, since it’s a two-parter after all. Even though the comic series was only six issues, I don’t think they can fit all of the story into one movie. I like the idea I’ve been hearing that we’ll get to see more of Thanos and his backstory for the majority of the movie. 

I know this is putting the cart before the horse, but what I find really interesting is speculating on what they might do after these next two movies. I mean, it took over a decade to build up Thanos, and we had to go through a good chunk of each one of these superheroes Rogues first. The only ones they haven’t really touched up on is Spider-Man’s, and that’s only because he’s new to the franchise.


I don’t know if any of his villains are quite Avenger level baddies. This is where Fox could still maybe help out, because they have guys like Doctor Doom—who I know is a Fantastic Four villain, but he can definitely hold his own against The Avengers. I’m just worried people may not give them as much time to build for the next big thing on the second go-around.

Regardless, this movie looks truly epic and I can’t wait to see it. I’m sure some of the changes would be good and some not so good, but you’ll have that with any movie adapted from written material. Let’s just try to not get all fanboy-like and hate on it just because it could never reach some unrealistic expectation you might have had beforehand.

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