“This is a must-read for any Superman fan.”

This is not a Superman comic. This is the story of Clark Kent, a Kansas farm boy who happens to be from another planet. It’s the story of a scared young boy with impossible powers, of a teenage delinquent with a lot to learn, of a reporter with a nose for the truth who’s keeping the biggest secret the world has ever known.

This is not the Superman you know. Not yet.

american alien art.pngIn this mini series we get a bunch of sneak peeks into the everyday life of the Man of Steel. It varies from when he was a young child, first learning how to fly, up until being a fully fledged superhero. This is a must-read for any Superman fan.

What is impressive about this series is each issue can pretty much be a stand-alone story, seeing Superman at different times of his life. Each story is done so well and are good in their own different ways. When you bring all those stories together, it really makes for a great character study for Superman. It also really makes you like and feel for Clark Kent—who sometimes get’s overshadowed by the more action-packed Superman stories.

american alien 2.jpg

The all-star cast of artists for this series is amazing. Each artist fits so well for the story that they worked on. And as I just stated, a majority of the series deals with Clark Kent as a kid up until he becomes a younger man, so it’s not like they get to draw him going up against crazy aliens or anything like that for the most part. But they knock it out the park all the same.

This was such a good book and the perfect thing to read for the anniversary of 80 years of Superman. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the character or anyone new to Superman who wants a good place to start reading his stories.

 american alien 3.jpg

Superman American Alien gets…

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

american alien cover.jpg

Writer: Max Landis
Art by: Nick Dragotta, Tommy Lee Edwards, Joelle Jones, Jae Lee, Francis Manapul, Jonathan Case, Jock
Published by: DC Comics

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