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Robot Dream Review

“A robot story you’ve never read before.”

When a lonely human-robot-hybrid refuses to live a life of seclusion, he finds a community of outcasts in the world of electronic music. But, when he discovers his remixes have the power to heal broken hearts and minds, he must learn that revealing who you truly are comes at a price before he is captured by the people who “created” him.

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This is a very interesting web comic series. The main character, Robbie, is very unique and out there. I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen someone like him before.

The story opens up with a nurse trying to get a patient out of a mysterious hospital. Once Jane, the nurse, gets Robbie to her car, we see what makes him so special. Robbie’s head is an old school computer screen! If that doesn’t make you want to check this out, I don’t know what will.

The story picks up nine months after the escape when Robbie is sick and tired of being stuck in Jane’s house. But lucky for Robbie, it’s Halloween and Jane is at work. So he decides to go out and see some of the world. Through a mishap, he finds himself at a rave where he makes some new friends, Sol and Ty. I won’t spoil anything for you, but the story is a lot of fun.

Screenshot (26)

The art is done well in this web series and Robbie looks pretty cool. The page layout’s okay, but the problem when it comes to these web series is if you don’t have a bigger screen like a tablet or a laptop, it can be a little difficult reading it on your phone. You always have to zoom in, load the next page, and repeat that process until you’re finished. The panel setups are nice, though, and the whole comic looks professional.

I do believe this is the first actual web series I’ve read off a website, and I’m not normally a huge fan of digital comics. But this was done very well.  What is nice about this is that the website is set up as if was Robbie himself who created it. I thought that was a nice touch. Also, the comic is going to be available in print at some point. So that should appease the traditionalists out there.

Screenshot (24).png

Robot Dream gets…

3 shots of whiskey

3 Out Of 5 Whiskey  Shots

Written by: Paulie Godbout

You can check out the comic by clicking HERE

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