It all started back in 1938 when the first issue of Action Comics was released. The price of that book was only a dime. That comic will probably go down in history as the most important comic ever. If it wasn’t for Action Comics and how well it did, there most likely wouldn’t be a Batman—or probably any superhero we know of today. The comic book industry was built off the back of Action Comics #1.

action coimcs 1.png

It has taken 80 years since the first issue was released to reach 1000. Just take a minute to think about that. That’s longer than a lot of people have been alive. Also, just imagine how much longer it would have taken to get to 1000 if it wasn’t for the double shipping DC has been doing for the last couple years. I imagine if they didn’t do that it would still probably be at least another 10 years to get there. 

The sheer amount of writers who have worked on this title throughout the years is staggering. From the original creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. all the way up to the current writer Brian Michael, this title it is littered with many great creators.

superman creators.jpg

A lot of Superman’s early adventures had him going up against mobsters and gangsters. From there, things have grown wilder and more fantastic. From its humble beginnings to now, Action Comics has shed its common storytelling tropes to take on more science fiction elements. Especially as Superman’s powers and abilities grew. Eventually he would have battles against god like beings as they were/are the only ones who can match him. That’s a long way to go from originally taking on the local mob boss.

As I’ve stated in previous articles, Superman isn’t necessarily my favorite superhero, but I like stuff that takes a different look at the character; things like Red Son, Superman Earth One, and All Star Superman. These are the kinds of stories where you can really get to know the character and how he thinks.

red son.jpg

To celebrate this great moment in comic history, DC is giving us one hell of a comic for its thousandth issue. It’s crammed full with many great artists and writers giving us what I’m sure will be some awesome stories. And to top it all off, Superman is getting his famous red trunks back.

So if you’re either a huge Superman fan or someone who just enjoys comic books, you should really check this out. At the very least, check it out of respect for what Action Comics has accomplished and what it has done for the comic industry as a whole.


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