“There are time criminals. What more could you want?”

A group of accidental time travelers find themselves stranded in the future with a time machine that can only go forward. Their only hope is to keep moving, jumping further and further in search of a future that can show them a way back home. As the world crumbles around them in fast-forward, our heroes fight to survive a series of dangerous and surreal futures, each one wilder than the next. This third volume of the acclaimed ongoing story combines Issues 11-15 of THE ACCELERATORS.


In this volume we get to see backstory for some of the side characters of the town that Spatz and the others visited in the last volume. It just so happens that this town is overrun by time criminals now. We also find some unlikely allies and unexpected villains in this exciting volume.

One of the more interesting things about this volume is that we get to see Spatz during different points of his life. We have the young version who we’re familiar with, the old timer who we’ve seen parts of here and there, but what’s new is the middle-aged Spatz who’s quite different from any of the others we seen so far. It’s quite disturbing when we find out what his goals are. I like this because you really get a chance to explore the character and how being able to time travel can effect a person in the long run.

accel 2.jpg

Gavin Smith really has a knack when it comes to drawing post-apocalyptic mayhem. He’s able to really capture the grim settings when it comes to these sorts of things. His designs for the time criminals are creepy and far out there, which really makes them look cool. As I said earlier, with us getting multiple Spatz during different parts of his life, it could be a difficult thing to draw. It’s one thing when you have to make a character look the same from panel to panel. It’s a completely different animal when you have older and younger versions of that character and they need to look like they’re the same person at different points of their life. In my opinion, Mr.Smith handles this very well.

We’re really getting into the meat of the story now in this third volume. It’s setting up a lot of what’s to come in the next two story arcs. And with the way this volume ended, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I give the third volume of The Accelerators…

3 shots of whiskey

3 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

accelerators 3 cover

Created and Written by: R.F.I Porto
Pencils and Inks by: Gavin P. Smith
Published by: Blue Juice Comics


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