“A bloody good time!”

The townsfolk of Eden, Wyoming wake up to the first official murder the town has seen in 25 years. Their reaction to this isn’t normal and there’s a reason for that. Eden operates as a haven for fugitive criminals who remain here while new identities, often including facial reconstruction, are created for them. There is zero tolerance for any illegal activity that might draw attention to the town and an “official murder” is the last thing they want. A single, tight-knit family runs Eden with the youngest oddball son Mark Shiffron overseeing the postal branch, the only means of shipping in or out of the city. THE FBI has repeatedly been foiled trying to insert an undercover here; they see Mark as the weak link to exploit. This murder gives them a new opportunity.

postal art.jpg

While at this year’s 3 Rivers con near Pittsburgh, I got a chance to meet Matt Hawkins. If you’re familiar with his work, he does a lot of stuff at the Top Cow division of Image Comics. He seems like a very nice and knowledgeable man, and when I went to check his stuff out at his booth, he gave me a free trade of one of his old stories. And if you know me, a way to get me to read some of your stuff is giving it up for free!

One of the other books I picked up from him was the first volume of Postal, which I’ve heard of, but wasn’t really sure what it was about. Matt gave me this simple breakdown of it kind of being like Twin Peak mixed in with Northern Exposure; basically a small town with a lot of strange things going on. The strange things in this book are that everybody who lives in this town of Eden Wyoming is a former criminal.

postal art 2.jpg

The story for this title is interesting and very well done. I really like the idea of this small town in the middle of nowhere that’s ran by criminals. Having that, along with the main character having aspergers, really gives the story a different feel. I think it’s a nice little twist to throw in there.

Isaac Goodhart was a winner of a talent competition before being the artist for this book. He does a very good job in this first volume. His character designs are really well crafted, which can make or break a title when it’s filled with ordinary people and not muscle heads flying around with capes on. I’m not sure if he is the artist moving forward with the book—I haven’t made it past the first volume yet—but I wouldn’t mind seeing his work continue on in the series.

postal art 3.jpg

I really enjoyed the first volume of this series; I’m kind of upset with myself for not picking up a couple more volumes while at the convention, but that just goes to show you the quality of this series.

I’m giving the first volume of Postal…

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

postal cover.pngWritten By: Matt Hawkins and Brian Hill

Art By: Isaac Goodhart

image Comics/ Top Cow

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