If you aren’t reading this, you’re missing out!

This trade paperback collects all four issues of the No Rest for the Wicked comic book miniseries. A mysterious cowboy named Reno shows up in the booming silver mining town of Crooked Creek. A card game goes about as badly as it can and Reno runs afoul of the local powers-that-be. Rescued from death in the desert by a local Indian Tribe, for their own purposes, Reno is sent on a mission of vengeance as more than a man, but less than human.

no rest 1

This is a supernatural western that is chock-full of action. If you’re a fan of gun fights, this is your book! This has fantastic art—which can be hard to find at times in indie comics.

At first glance, this story seems like a basic revenge tale. But if you think that, you’re wrong. There’s a nice little twist to this tale. Reno is quick when it comes to the draw—the only thing he does faster is get into trouble. After being left for dead in the desert by some corrupt men, Reno get’s rescued by a tribe of Indians who are looking for a way to get back at the white men who have been taking their land.

no rest 2.jpg

I really enjoyed the art in this series; it’s so cool and really enhances the story. After the pencils were done, no ink was applied. It was just colored over the line work. This gives the art a really smooth yet western look, and makes the colors more vibrant. You can also make out some of the sketch lines which gives the work a twist of originality to it. That, along with the dimensions of the book being different from average comics (it’s a little shorter and wider), set it up for some cool panel layouts.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. It’s entertaining and straight to the point with no filler. Definitely one of the better independent books I’ve read recently.

no rest 3.jpg

I’m giving No Rest For The Wicked: Dead Man’s Hand….

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

no rest cover.jpgCreated By: Matthew Minor
Written By: Matthew and Kevin Minor
Art By: Jack Minor with Colors by Kevin Minor
Published by: Source Point Press


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