Writing is a difficult profession. Not only do you have to learn how to write and tell a good story, you have to market yourself and your work to people or nobody will read it. That second part is where most writers slip up. We tend to focus so much on the work that we don’t think much about how to get people to actually read it.

It’s not as simple as hopping on Twitter and telling everyone about your new book. Even if you have a huge social media following, it’s not a guarantee your followers will buy what you’re selling. Don’t believe me? Just check out some authors on Twitter who constantly pimp their books out to their 100k+ followers, then look at how many reviews their book has on Amazon and Goodreads. Chances are, the numbers are nowhere near the same.

This doesn’t mean you will struggle to sell your work. It just means you’ll have to be smart about it. Luckily, we have 3 easy tips on how to get people to buy your work.


3. Express The Passion You Have For Your Work

The first thing you want your audience to see is how passionate you are about your work. This passion is contagious and will make your audience believe in what you’re selling. Far too many authors spam their work on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There isn’t anything genuine about their sales pitch and more likely than not, they are annoying their audience. It’s just like those annoying ads that pop up in the middle of Facebook videos. Nobody sees one of those ads and wants to buy the product. If anything, they just skip the rest of the video because they got irritated.

This expression of passion for your work extends beyond that of the online world, too. I’ve seen countless authors peddling their work at various comic book and literary conventions, and most of them were lucky if they sold a single copy. That’s because they sat their like mute lumps of meat and figured the book should somehow sell itself. This isn’t how it works. The only times I buy from indie authors is when I can tell they’re genuinely excited about their work. Because if they aren’t excited about it, why should I be?

bored kid.JPG

2. Talk To People

No, I don’t mean tell people what your book is about and why you should buy it. I mean you should actually talk to people. Whether online or in person, It’s important to establish a somewhat personal connection with your readers. If a reader cares about and is interested in you as a person, they’ll care about your work as well. This is what you want.

Take a step back and look at fan culture as a whole. The reason writers like Stephen King do so well is because the fans feel a connection with them. They want to know more about what they are doing and what they believe. I mean, readers from all over the world go to Japan every year just so they can go on a Haruki Murakami pilgrimage; they go to all the spots where the famed writer used to frequent. It’s that kind of devotion that’ll get you lifelong readers. Anyone can convince a person to buy their book, but it’s much more meaningful to get that reader to want to follow your whole career. Maybe they’ll even get a tattoo of your face on their body!

stephen king tattoo.jpg

1. Be Honest And Unafraid

Every time you write you’re essentially opening up your chest and letting people see what you’re hiding inside. This vulnerability makes a lot of writers nervous, but what they fail to understand is that it’s through this deep honesty that gets people excited about their work.

It’s hard to be honest with people these days because you never know who’ll hurt you. Maybe you share a beautiful excerpt from a first draft on Twitter, only to have random strangers shit all over it. That sucks, but you’ll always deal with those kinds of people. No, what you’re looking for are the people who respect your honesty—who read your work and believe in you as a writer. Once you learn to cast fear aside and share your vulnerable side with the world, you’ll finally start to get readers who really care about the work you’re putting out.

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