Next To Me

By Ashleigh Hatter

There’s rain on the sky,
and snow on the trees,
and light in the hearth,
you are next to me.
In cloths of moths’ whispers,
on couches of fair,
embroidered designs,
entangling your hair,
and still you are there,
right there next to me.

A window frosted,
and baseboards sweating,
and cats set purring,
and we’re forgetting,
all of our wanting,
all the things we must,
expectations – none –
there is only us,
only this I trust:
You are next to me.

From morn to nighttime,
we sit with our tea,
reading our books and,
watching the trees.
We smile and we sit,
holding each other’s hand,
speaking in love,
enjoying what we can.
Simply wife and man.
You are next to me.


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