After ten minutes of rushing through these indistinct neighborhoods, the sports car blew through a red light and made a sharp turn around a blind corner.

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“Seriously?” Trevor couldn’t believe the brashness of this move. “Could’ve killed somebody.” His blood was boiling at the thought.

He stopped at the red light the car had blazed through and looked both ways, then turned the corner. He passed a large church and came right up on the red car’s rear bumper. If he wasn’t paying attention, he would’ve smashed right into it.

“Really!” Furious, Trevor threw his shifter into park and stormed out of the truck. He marched up to the red car and saw that both of its doors were ajar. “What the fuck are you doing, douchebag?” he shouted without seeing the driver of the car.

As soon as the words left his mouth Trevor was hit with an immediate stabbing of regret. The red car was half-parked on the sidewalk in front of a hospital emergency room. Up until now Trevor had been oblivious of his surroundings, but he finally stopped and took notice of where he was.

There, lying on the hard concrete in front of the emergency room entrance, was the limp body of a little girl. Her face was purple and she wasn’t breathing. A man—her father presumably—was kneeling down beside her and shouting for help. There was so much panic, fear, and heartbreak on the man’s face that Trevor could hardly breathe. It felt as if he had been dragged under water and was struggling to reach the surface before drowning. In that moment everything slowed down and Trevor forgot all about his problems.

For the first time in a long time he realized his life wasn’t so bad. But the realization was fleeting as the anguish of the man before him took precedence of the moment. Watching the gut-wrenching scene unfold, Trevor was struck with two new emotions: pity and guilt.

While the EMTs rushed to the little girls side and began to frantically work on her, Trevor sneaked back to his pickup truck. The driver of the red sports car never looked at him once. And as far as Trevor knew, the man had no idea he even existed.

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