“The Change is just starting.”

It’s hard to believe that we’re closing in on the 6th anniversary of The Change. Looking back now, it’s so dumb to think about all the time wasted on debating about whether or not the Mayans were right about their Doomsday Calendar. You have those who were calling bullshit, saying there’s no way people from thousands of years ago could have such advanced knowledge. Then there are a bunch who believed they had help; thinking aliens had come down and assisted the Mayans in becoming a way more advanced civilization than we know.

mayan calendar.jpg

Was anyone right about the alien theory? The debate is still raging on to this day. The one thing everybody seems to overlook, though, was the wording of the Mayan prophecy to begin with. According to the modern translation, it states that on December 12th 2012, the world as we know will be over. It’s that last little bit at the end people seem to neglect. “As we know it.” That doesn’t mean apocalyptic doom or major planet changing cataclysm.

They were predicting a change would occur. “The Change” as it’s referred to these days. Now to be fair, it didn’t actually occur on the 12th of December. It was about two weeks or so after that when the first couple of sightings occurred. Which if you ask me, is still pretty damn good considering the math involved. Meteorologist can’t even predict what the weather is going to be like a few weeks in advance, let alone thousands of years.

You see, The Change was more than just one thing. And when the changes first started, there were only a few notable cases. Like anything of major importance, the world’s governments did their best to cover it up. But it ended up getting too big to handle. 

The vast majority of the planet’s population has—for a lack of a better term—gained superpowers. It’s tough to say exactly how many people were granted these abilities. Some polls say we are around 65% of the world’s population having powers, but others predict upward of 90%.

I don’t know how either one could be true. We haven’t even pinpointed exactly what happened to cause this. Some scientists think the Earth was unexpectedly bombarded with a low amount of terrestrial radiation. Another popular theory is that it has more to do with human biology: that for whatever reason, human evolution has either sped up immensely or some latent DNA containing these powers had finally activated within us. Of course,  let’s not forget the fan favorite theory, aliens did it.

When I’m talking about superpowers, I’m not just talking about people who can fly, have super strength, or anything else along those lines. The Change was more than typical comic book fodder. For instance, the IQ for most of the smartest people on the planet has skyrocketed. When something like that happens to individuals who were already genetic geniuses, it’s hard to comprehend the possibilities. Both good and bad.

The new technology boom during the first couple years after the change was like something out of a science-fiction movie. Things that were once dreams became reality within the first year. While walking on the moon was once considered the most remarkable feat of the human race, we now have the ability to traverse the stars with ease. It’s frightening how much progress we’ve made in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. As for the biological side of humanity, we can now cure any disease known to man. As you can guess, this has led to an impeccable growth in the world’s population. Which means strict measures were implemented to keep things under control.

future slums

In spite of all of these incredible advancements, one thing has proved true throughout history: us humans have the unique ability to turn even the most beautiful oasis into shit. For all the great tech we’ve invented, nothing compares to the new weapons that have been created. Inevitably, with such mind-boggling advancements in weaponry, war has become a constant threat to our species. As for those population control measures I mentioned, let’s just say that even though we can cure all diseases, it doesn’t mean most people can afford the treatments. The cost of healthcare has been purposely inflated by the government to keep poor people from rising up. Even with superpowers, cancer still sucks.

It’s no secret that people started using their new abilities and talents for not only good, but evil as well. If you get a large enough group of people together, chances are pretty good a portion of them will always steer towards wrongdoing. It’s just the nature of our species. Throw in special powers to the mix and you suddenly get a population in need of constant monitoring by the military. 

Recently, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that something major is about to go down. It’s only a matter of time before the government attempts something drastic to get these people with abilities under control. The only thing that might be more dangerous than a population of super-powered beings are the people who didn’t gain any kind of abilities. These individuals have been slowly grouping together and are desperate to find a way to get powers of their own. Essentially, they’ll do anything to become “special.”

With the sudden growth of power that has been bestowed upon most of the population, there are many who are taking things into their own hands to both help and hurt people. This is a delicate time for the people of Earth, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to live during any other time. There have been many turning points for mankind: the invention of the wheel, the Renaissance, the industrial revolution, the great space race of the 60s, the invention of the internet. These events have all shaped the path of human history, but I think they all fail in comparison to what we are experiencing now. 

I don’t know what the future holds—or if we even have a future—but I’m glad I’m alive to witness the next step in human evolution. And as far as we’ve come over the last short years, I think this is only the beginning. The Change is just starting. 

futre city.jpg

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