Pairs Well With:

A Gentleman Jack Old Fashioned; a classic whiskey with a surprisingly smooth finish and a twist that compliments this unconventional plot. Grab a bottle here.

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Author(s): Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Rating: Four Out Of Five Shots

4 whiskey shots


Shauna is a young professional with severe family issues, who confronts her Senator father over suspicions she has about his presidential campaign. Following the confrontation, she is involved in a horrendous car accident and wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the last six months of her life. As she tries to discover what happened that night of the accident, more and more clues appear that cast shadows of doubt over the people she thought she could trust and she has to decide if finding out the truth is worth her life.

Overall Impression:

In short, I liked it. It was a very well written book that highlighted Dekker’s mastery of suspense, along with a depth of character that I’ve not found matched in his other works that I’ve read. Healy’s contribution to this book is what I believed brought a believable vulnerability to Shauna that was maintained throughout the story, while still allowing her to grow and take control of her life.

The Cheers:

The pace of the book was well balanced, the tension palpable, and the disconcerting air of mistrust between Shauna and every character around her was wonderfully present in almost all scenes. Surprisingly, there was a very notable tying of all threads upon completing the book. Too often, there are small details in thrillers that are used to bring depth to characters without ever giving them appropriate conclusions. Not so in Kiss.

The Hangover:

Certain elements dealing with Shauna’s gained ability of memory snatching aren’t completely clear by the end of the book. Several months have passed between the final chapter and the postlude, however the ability for stealing memories is still present and doesn’t seem to have diminished in potency. It is assumed that she has gained these abilities from the experimental medication she received. This was confusing, since abruptly stopping medication in any other sense does not create perpetual side effects. Because of this quirk the ability comes off more as an X-Men ability rather than an interesting device.

Corking the Bottle:

Overall, this was a fun, exciting book that made for a great weekend read. The concept of memory theft is well written, albeit a little under thought, and the characters are fleshed out perfectly. There is a wonderful amount of tension, and enough twists and turns to keep even the most savvy thriller fan guessing. I’d definitely recommend this for a fun divergence from your usual genre.


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