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Month: August 2018

I Am Alive

Sometimes the hardest part of life is just living it.

Preacher Book 1 Review

Jesse Custer was just a small-town preacher in Texas... until his congregation was flattened by powers beyond his control and the Preacher became imbued with abilities beyond anyone's understanding.


We all have secrets. But some secrets are worse than others. Some secrets can send our whole world crashing down around us.

Freewill Or Bust

Do we have freewill, or is everything we do determined by a culmination of past choices?

Knight In The Snake Pit #2 Review

In Knight in the Snake Pit, we follow a character Allister Ward who is stuck in two worlds, jumping back and forth at random. One world is 1940's Los Angeles, where he's a patient at a mental hospital and the other world is a medieval fantasy world, where he's being begged by a king to save his daughter and his kingdom from an impending invasion that could happen at any moment. Allister must determine if he's really suffering from delusions or if everything in both worlds is real. If that's the case, he needs to worry about how to not get killed by his "delusions."

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master has the world on strings, but how long will those strings hold?