This isn’t going to be a long piece—as everyone and their grandmother has already covered it—but what the hell is going on with the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy movie? As I’m sure you’ve heard, unless you’ve just gotten back from a six-month long expedition to Antarctica, Disney fired GOTG director James Gunn for making inappropriate tweets.

The thing is, those tweets were made way before he ever started making Marvel movies. And while I won’t defend the tweets as I found them disgusting and unfunny, he did apologize numerous times. Also, he apologized before he was hired to direct GOTG and Disney was fully aware of said tweets. So, why the hell fire him now?


A lot of it has to do with the alt-right bringing up the old tweets as a means to launch a smear campaign against Gunn. Possibly in retaliation for Roseanne getting fired for making offensive tweets herself. The difference between Gunn and Roseanne, though, is that Gunn was fired for something that happened before he worked for the company that fired him. Roseanne made her tweets WHILE she worked for the company that fired her.

Yes, it’s all very moronic. It also brings up arguments about free speech. But the truth is, nobody is stopping these people from saying what they want. Though, their employers do have the right to fire them for making the company look bad. But this is all a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down right now as I honestly don’t care much about either of these people.

i dont care.jpg

All that being said, the current situation is that the GOTG cast all support James Gunn and want him rehired. Dave Bautista even went as far as dissing Disney and threatening to quit if they got rid of Gunn’s original script for GOTG 3. This is where things get even more bizarre.

Apparently Disney did away with Gunn’s script and planned on hiring a new director with a new vision for the series. But, earlier today it was reported that they are now keeping the script and are in talks with Gunn, possibly about rehiring him. Which just proves that Disney overreacted to begin with.


Which leads me to what I really want to talk about. Why do we as a society now feel it necessary to vilify strangers online to the point where they lose their jobs/careers? Why does everyone feel they have to flaunt their supposed moral superiority over everyone by pointing out the mistakes of others? And for the love of God, when did we stop believing people can change and grow throughout life?

James Gunn was an idiot. He said disgusting things for shock value that shouldn’t be defended. But he apologized. Not only that, he’s changed as a person. He’s grown and matured. Everyone who has worked with him seems to love him. So, why does he have to suffer forever for being dumb many years ago? Hell, why does Roseanne have to suffer for her mistake forever? Is their no such thing as redemption anymore?


You know who wouldn’t have a career now if we followed the current trend of wrecking people’s lives for making mistakes in the past? The face of the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. Imagine if we still held his past scandals over his head and deemed him a bad person for life. There might not even be a Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which means Disney wouldn’t have made those billions of dollars.

And that’s what bothers me the most about all of this; the hypocrisy. We’re fine with celebrities making mistakes as long as they align with our political views. If James Gunn was a hardcore Conservative, I bet most people online would boycott the new movie and demand his firing before it happened. If Roseanne openly hated Trump but still did what she did, I guarantee people would say she was just being stupid and she would still have her show.


When it comes down to it, I don’t know what will happen with GOTG 3. My money says Disney will cave in and rehire Gunn because they care more about making money than what the public thinks. Because no matter what, Disney doesn’t care about anything other than bringing in truckloads of cash. If they were really conscious about what the fans thought, they’d try to make amends for their incredibly racist past.

Of course, that’ll never happen. Unless a large enough group of people threaten to boycott them. But that’ll never happen either, because most people care more about being entertained than the feelings of others. Which is why this whole James Gunn thing is in the news to begin with. It’s entertaining. It gives people something to talk about. It has nothing to do with making the world a better or worse place. If it did, people would get off Twitter and go volunteer in their communities instead. Ha! Imagine these Twitter activists doing that.


Got something to say on this topic? Then hit us up in the comments!


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