When the change first occurred, there were a lot of early reports claiming massive lightning bolts showing up out of nowhere, striking numerous places around the world. England and Russia only had a couple of instances a piece, Australia got hit pretty hard, and there were also a couple of quick pop ups reported in Africa. But by far the most occurrences happened in the United States, with one of the most serious cases taking place off the coast of California.

Right before the event, Joe Savea was riding his surf board off that very coast. He loved being out in the ocean surfing, swimming, snorkeling; you name it, if it involved being out in the water, he was down for it. Joe had always been drawn to the ocean. It was where he was most comfortable.


The evening was closing in and Joe was finishing up a surf session with a few of his friends when the lightning strikes suddenly began. It happened so fast that there was no warning of an oncoming storm. Luckily, there weren’t many people out in the water that day, but with the storm picking up with such a sudden ferociousness, it made the water choppy and difficult to swim through for those who had been out there.

With Joe being the farthest one out, it would take longer for him to return to shore. While the others had made their way back to land already, he was still struggling in the water. Lying on top of his board paddling as fast as he could, Joe fought the rapid waves.

Without warning, one of the lightning bolts thundered through the sky, striking Joe with unfathomable power. The flash was so bright that Joe’s friends were temporarily blinded as they watched helplessly from the shore. After the smoke cleared a silhouette began to emerge. Joe was still on his board, bobbing there in the water until he finally slipped into the silent depths below.

His friends wanted to help, but they couldn’t do anything while the storm raged on. Getting themselves killed wouldn’t help the situation. With everything going on, it took hours before help showed up. The damage to the surrounding area was quite severe.

After the storm calmed down the paramedics treated the wounded. Joe’s board was still adrift in the ocean and no one had yet made an attempt to try to locate his body. Even after the countless pleas from his friends.

Far from the shore a series of bubbles began to appear on the surface of the newly calmed water, as if somebody let out a big breath from deep underneath. The water bubbled more and more until it finally caught the attention from the people on the shore.

“Look!” one of the bystanders shouted.

Joe burst out of the water gasping for air. His arms thrashed about wildly splashing water everywhere. He barely made it on his board before losing consciousness again.

“Is he alive?”

“I can’t believe he didn’t drown.”

“He had to be under water for at least two hours.”


Joe awoke on dry land as the chatter continued around him. The EMTs were asking him questions but he couldn’t focus. Against their objections, he pushed through them and got to his feet. Somehow, against all odds, he was fine.

The next day Joe was resting at home, despite his friends and the paramedics urging him to go to the hospital the day before. Even though he didn’t have much of an appetite, he knew he had to eat something. Fortunately, he had a turkey sandwich left over from the other day. But after pulling it out of the refrigerator and taking a bite, he noticed the bread seemed unusually mushy. Much to his dismay, he dumped the sandwich in the trash and took his plate over to the sink. He gave it a quick rinse and wiped a smear of mustard off with a sponge. Then he put the plate in the strainer and went to dry his hands with a kitchen towel, but to his surprise, the towel was completely drenched.

“What the hell?”

With the sopping wet towel draped over his hand, he lifted it over the sink. The water ran down his arm like he’d stuck it under a waterfall, but something strange was happening. Instead of flowing down his arm and into the sink, the water collected around his elbow in a bizarre bubble.

Joe immediately dropped the towel in the sink and was shocked at what he saw. His right hand—spanning from his fingertips to his elbow—was made of water.

“Oh my god!”

water hand.jpg

Panic set in as he waved his arm in the air trying to shake loose what he thought was some sort of liquid coating on his skin. But nothing came loose. His skin, muscle, and bone had all transformed into water. Yet it felt normal.

“What’s happening?” Joe muttered in disbelief, thinking he was going crazy.

He balled his liquid hand into a fist and it suddenly transformed back into normal flesh. But when he relaxed his fist it turned right back into water. Joe started to feel dizzy. He thought he might pass out, but he was able to get a hold of himself before doing so. Breathing heavily, he took a seat at the kitchen table and began the long task of trying to figure out what was going on.

As it turns out, after a few tense hours of trying to see if this was actually happening or if he was just going crazy, Joe figured out some of the new things his body was able to do. If he concentrated hard enough, he could turn his whole body into water. He could also change his size and shape into any form. Especially when he came into contact with more water—which he figured out by climbing into the bathtub and turning the faucet on.

Joe’s body had gone through some dramatic changes and he gained incredible abilities, but he’d only scratched the surface of what he could to do. With some training under his belt, you could say the sky is the limit for Joe. But it might be more appropriate to say the ocean is the limit. For Joe had now become, Liquid Fury.

water man.png

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