Some people seem to be destined for certain things. That’s true ten times over for Chris Kelly. It’s as if he couldn’t be anything else other than a career politician. It started when he was young, winning class president during his high school years. And he only went higher up the ladder as time moved on.

He started at the bottom as a town mayor, biding his time and making all the right friends. Chris figured it would take some time to become a congressman. But it took nowhere as long as he originally calculated. At this rate, he thought he might actually be able to pull off making it to the White House. The ultimate goal.

the white house.jpg

This was always the end game, he just never thought he would actually accomplish it. All that hard work making backdoor deals and greasing the right people’s palms was finally paying off. And as any politician who’s worth anything knows, there are some skeletons in the closet that need to remain in the closet.

On the eve of announcing his bid for running for the highest office in the land as a Republican, he should be spending his time sipping champagne and rubbing elbows with his constituents. But instead, he finds himself out in the middle of nowhere with the one person who could bring it all crashing down.

Like most people who are in his field of employment, some of those hidden skeletons threaten to spill out into the daylight. Chris is no different. It’s just that compared to the typical white-collar crimes like embezzling money or making certain deals to garner the help of oil billionaires, his sins are viewed worse in the eyes of his political party. No one outside his camp knows that Chris Kelly is gay, except for the poor bastard kneeling in front of his soon to be grave.

It’s not that Chris is ashamed of being gay or that the public in large wouldn’t vote for him. It’s that he knows the other people in his party would bury him, like a family secret no one is to ever know about. Now, feeling as if he has no other choice, he must bury his own secrets. Both literally and figuratively.

There are certain services you can call upon to fulfill the specific needs of men who are in Chris’ position. That’s what got him into this mess to begin with. One of the friends—which is what they call themselves on the website—said he’d be able to make a quick buck by outing Chris Kelly. But that would just be a bonus result of his true intentions.

Inside Chris’ inner circle, there are people who got wind of this information and brought it to his attention. They tried the normal tactics of offering to pay the “friend” off and giving him whatever he wanted within reason, but it turned out that it wasn’t all about the money. This “friend” wanted the world to know the truth about Chris—thought it would go a long way in improving the standing of closeted homosexuals on the Republican side of the political spectrum. But what this person didn’t understand was that if people found out Chris was gay before the election, he wouldn’t get the GOP’s backing and would never get in office to do any of the things he had planned for this country.

That brings us to this point in time. With the “friend” kneeling in front of the grave, Chris held a gun to his head. Chris’ head bodyguard said he would take care of the situation, but Chris felt that if something like this had to be done, it needed to be done by his own hand. He was never one to shy away from doing the dirty work.

With thoughts of all the great things he could do for this country and how it could all go spiraling down the drain just because of this one man, Chris put pressure on the trigger. He knew once he did this, there would be no going back. This would be one skeleton that would haunt him for the rest of his life.


The gun went off. The man’s lifeless body leaned back with his bloody head slumped to the side, then he fell into the unmarked grave. It took about half an hour to bury him. Then they were off to the campaign party like nothing happened.

With a quick change of clothes on the way there, no one’s the wiser of what Chris had just done. And now all there was to do was party and hobnob with the current and future rulers of this country. All with skeletons of their own. 


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