“This is what would happen if the women of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Kill Bill joined the Me Too Movement.”


POPOVA is an action/drama about a group of discontented women who band together to wage war against their male oppressors. When a moral dilemma causes Scarlet Rose to disappear from the group, her young protege Sadie Mars, an ardent believer in their violent feminist code, takes it upon herself to uncover the truth behind her mentor’s betrayal. 
The second issue of POPOVA ramps up the tension as Scarlet is confronted by her former clan and Sadie is forced to make a decision that will permanently alter the course of both their lives.

This second issue of Popova picks right back up with the themes of the previous issue. The two main characters continue their violent ride with very stylish scenes of bloodied mayhem.

What I enjoy about this series so far is how it doesn’t draw a clear line between right and wrong. The clan of murderous women seem to have their hearts in the right place—as they only kill abusive and or violent men—but those virtues are quickly tested when they are ordered to kill a former member by their leader. Something that most members of the clan seem to be all too eager to do.

Screenshot (17).png

This casts an interesting light on the feminist ideology. The clan has a strict code about not killing other women, yet they seem to jump at the chance to do so because one of their own appears to have been corrupted by the male gender. Meaning, Scarlet, the badass protagonist of the first issue, has realized men and women are both capable of committing evil deeds. But her former allies have blinded themselves to this fact—with the exception being that they plan on killing her.

There’s a complicated dynamic between Scarlet and Sadie, the girl she liberated from an evil, abusive man. Sadie is now a member of the clan and has spilled her share of blood. She holds these extreme feminist views very close to her heart, but once she’s told her former mentor must be killed in the name of women, can she go through with it after all they’ve been through together?

POPOVA SAMPLE PG 3I love the art so far in this series. The black and white lends itself quite well to these types of comics. Though, I do wish they had some colorful splash pages. Or maybe throw in some reds here and there to further push the bloody narrative of this story. I think that would make this comic stand out in the indie scene to the point where it would become a much bigger deal. The story is already there.

Speaking of the story, I love the writing for this series. The pacing, dialogue, and plot are excellent. What could easily be a bland Tarantino ripoff comes off as fresh and original. You can tell just how much the creators have put into this story. This comic isn’t your typical slapped together indie passion project. These folks know what they’re doing and they pay attention to the details.


I’m giving Popova # 2…

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

POPOVA Promo Image 1.jpg

POPOVA #2 was written by Dre Torres and Alex Valdes, a Miami based filmmaking duo best known for the feature-length documentary The Last Taino. The book features cinematic black & white artwork by Ari Syahrazad (No Angel, Phoenix Run), and variant cover art by Ian Cinco (Erratica: Volume 1 Shift of Essence)

If you’d like to check out more Popova related things, you can go to the official website HERE.

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