Between lives, Evil Cat drifted in a void. Knowledge poured in and caressed him, what called gave no clue to its nature, how it shaped his mind though, that was certain. He was growing in strength and cunning with a singular purpose, destruction of the two-legged monsters that heretofore ruled felines. Purring in his ear was a voice, you are my own, you are my child, you are my champion, and the voice soothed him.

cat claw.jpg

No surprises here, Evil Cat, once again found himself in a cat body. He sniffed the air, fish and brine, in the background he could hear the ocean susurrate with the waves breaking on the shore, and seabirds fighting for space to hunt the minnows they savor. He thought his eyes were not working right, then realized a sea fog had rolled in, making the whole world a blanket of white. He smelled his way along. He knew the obstacles that lay ahead, what would be invisible to lesser creatures revealed by smell and intuition.

Evil Cat took his time learning the lay of his new home, no longer in a rush, the voice assured him he would succeed. Some days were bright and warm, others cloudy and cold, Time passed. On nights when the fog returned to cover his movements, hiding him from his prey, he would go out hunting meals. Napping in the sun he dreamed of the atrocities he might commit.

One damp night, Evil Cat went foraging in the moon shine along a pier. He stopped for a rest in a dark corner near a street lamp, a place that often drew a meal. One of the curious night birds, the ones that smell like a rodent but fly like a bird, fell right out of the blackness and started to flop. Instinct took precedence and the bat was dead in seconds, devoured at leisure. A fateful meal that would lead to doom.

The bat was tasty, the wings were like a meat strip instead of the useless foul feathers of a bird. Unfortunately, this bat, as sometimes happens with their species, was rabid. Sitting with a full belly, Evil Cat was purring contentedly. Passing by was a sailor from a factory fishing ship who happened to eye a cat. That was a mistake for the entire crew. Evil Cat was picked up and taken to the ship as a new mascot. Terror was off for the high seas.

Two weeks out from port and the cat was showing signs of disease. It started biting and scratching the crew, both the sailors and the factory workers. Two weeks after that, the paranoia set in. Humans started showing violent behaviors and fighting; painful headaches, horrible retching, anxiety and hallucinations were rampant. Evil Cat was dying as well, but the horrific scene was his purpose; the awful horrors he had created were like ambrosia. When at last the coast guard finally got the call for help, dozens of people had died and dozens more were doomed. Evil Cat reveled in the show, hidden in an antenna mast until he too succumbed to the rabies he had introduced to the ship, as was his purpose.

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About The Author

Paul Block lives in a small town about an hour and a half west of Chicago. In 2010, he was a transport driver (gasoline hauler), but lost his job due to chronic glaucoma. By the end of 2011, he admitted he could no longer drive a car. In 2012 he even had to give up his bicycle.

Fortunately, he can still read and see a computer screen, but life became a living nightmare of home imprisonment. As his world shrank, he decided to try writing. Now his world is as vast as time and space itself in books and story telling.

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