In today’s original story, featured writer Robert Tamplin gives us his unique twist on the witch sub-genre of horror. A story within a story, Mr. Tamplin crafts this wicked tale beautifully.

Oonagh Kirk is accused of being a witch in thirteenth century Ireland. Much like the Salem Witch Trials, mass hysteria follows these accusations and the whole town gets involved. Where this story takes a turn from your traditional witch tale is in the presentation.

“Sometimes it’s helpful to step out of a news article and consider that these are real people’s lives, and that life is a messy, contradictory, illogical thing that can never be captured in black and white.” This quote from the story is a perfect representation of the overarching theme of how the media, news, and local news spin things to the point where we no longer view the subjects of controversy as real people. This is exactly what happened to those accused of witchcraft so long ago.

This piece simultaneously tells the story of Oonagh Kirk and the story of the person defending her actions in modern times, long after Oonagh’s death. We selected this story because it not only had an original take on the classic witch tale, but also made us think about how we still subject others to unjust judgement due to false facts and misunderstandings. All in all, we think you will really enjoy this one as much as us.

Caleb James K.
DPW Editor-In-Chief

A Defense Of Oonagh Kirk


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