Gentlemen, Stand Watch

By Ashleigh Hatter

When I dream,

I think they are.

When I wake,

I know they’re not.

And when I wake from whence I sleep,

I cannot help but doubt.

Brightening things,

All standing there.

Darker men,

All staring now.

Haunting eyes are wide on me,

And blocking my way out.

Every night,

That this goes on,

N’every day,

That I ignore.

The clarity of waking fails,

my senses seem to cloud.

“Rest is mine,”

I pine to say.

“Rest is dead,”

my shadows speak.

Uncertainty is now my jail,

I cannot figure out.

Here I lay,

Another night.

Crying soft

Like other times.

Seeing men of darker themes,

watching from the walls.


standing, guarding,

Watching I,

smiling, waiting,

Always there, never to leave,

and still my darkness falls.

darkness closing in.jpg

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