Whoever came up with the saying, “The world will end with not a bang, but a whimper,” had no idea how right they would be. It started off very slowly; no one had any idea that it was happening at first. It took months before it was noticed, and by then it was too late. Even if people started to notice sooner, there probably wasn’t anything we could do to stop it.  

Maybe if the disappearing started at a higher quantity it would have been noticed quicker. But as the cases of missing people occurred, it was only a few who would go at a time. In a world this big, such disappearances were hardly noticed. It took months before people realized more and more of their friends and family were suddenly vanishing for no reason. Unfortunately, as is the human way, it took famous people disappearing to bring any real light to the situation.

As the global epidemic grew, so did the panic of the remaining population. There was no rhyme or reason for the ones who disappeared. Waking up in the morning became a luck of the draw; a figurative game of Russian Roulette that no one knew they were playing. And each day more bullets were filling the remaining chambers. 

It didn’t take long for the remaining people of Earth to group together. These groups would move into small towns to try to form some kind of semblance of what life was like before.

Once the elective officials were gone these little groups did everything they could to keep things normal. But with each passing day, more and more people vanished. Fear eventually took over and it t seemed all the more pointless to try to live a normal life.

It’s weird to say that there was a little bit of good that came from this. It made everyday count, and if you were fortunate enough to still have any of your loved ones with you, that time together was cherished. With not knowing who may still be around the next day, we learned to live in harmony with one another. Petty squabbles were pushed to the side as we learned what was really important in life  

The remaining survivors didn’t have too hard of a time getting by. With the dwindling population it became easy to find food, along with places to live whatever remaining days you may have left.

Long distance travel, though, has become a bit of a hassle with planes and other forms of public transportation slowly coming to a stop. You could still drive if you could find a way to get to the gasoline, but after the first couple of months that became a more difficult task to fulfill.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell exactly how many of us are left. A lot of the scientists and experts who were trying to study what was going on have been among the many who are gone now. All I can tell you is that it has been a long time since I’ve seen anyone.

I’m leaving this note in hopes that somebody might stumble across it. And if I’m not around to tell my story—like so many others—I want there to be at least something left on the off chance that there any long-term survivors who make it out of this mess.

Before the majority of people disappeared, there was a theory circulating that once the population shrank to a low enough number, perhaps the phenomenon would stop. I have no way of knowing if this is true. The only thing I have left is hope. And that has to be good enough.


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