“A breathtaking look through Marvel history.”

Marvels follows thirty-five years of Marvel superhero action from the perspective of Phil Sheldon, a newspaper photographer who witnessed some of the more spectacular battles and events.

If you’ve ever been a fan of the Marvel Comics Universe, read this book! It’s a celebration of the rich history and stories that have been told throughout the generations. With an awesome creative team of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, they couldn’t help but craft a very gripping story.

The story follows a young photographer, Phil Sheldon, who starts his career at the dawn of the Marvel age. We get to see how the universe unfolds from his eyes. They nickname the superheroes, the Marvels (which I thought was kind of clever). The main focus of the story is seeing how the Marvels affect the everyday lives of the regular people they share their city with.

The artwork in this book is great. Everything you would expect from an Alex Ross book. It’s just gorgeous to look at. With all its detail, I’m somehow surprised whenever I see any of his work.

So just to some up, if you’re a Marvel fan in the slightest way, this is a must read. With a great story and awesome artwork, we get to look at a unique point of view of the Marvel Universe. 

I’m giving Marvels…

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

Written by: Kurt Busiek
Art by: Alex Ross
Published by: Marvel Comics


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