The door slammed with such an unexpected quickness that it almost broke Shane’s nose.

“What the fuck, Leena.” Shane pounded his fist against the sturdy door but stopped as soon as the stinging of his knuckles registered in his brain. “I swear, I didn’t do anything with her.”

He waited a few moments but there was nothing but silence behind the bathroom door.

“Leena!” He grabbed the doorknob and turned it back and forth, practically tearing its screws loose. But the door didn’t budge and his anger only intensified.

“Dammit,” he muttered to himself. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Please, baby. Just listen to me. I don’t even know her.” He spoke softly as he changed tactics. “She messaged me first and I just went along with it. I thought it was funny, that’s all.”

He had a sinking feeling where his heart should be. It was as if his heart was a damaged boat that was taking on water. He hoped he could take it to shore before it sank to the bottom of the deep ocean. If only he hadn’t cast such a heavy anchor this time.

“Look, I know I messed up. I,” he paused to find the right words, but he was having trouble coming up with a way to talk his way out of this, “I was just bored. Please understand. I love you.” He softened his voice even more as he continued. “You’re my whole world, baby.”

There was a click. Shane grabbed the doorknob and turned it, opening the door without a problem.

“Babe, I’m so—”

“Just stop, okay.” Leena was sitting on the closed toilet seat lid. Her phone was in her hand and Shane was surprised to see that she wasn’t upset looking at all. In fact, she had a mischievous grin on her face.

“If you love me so much, prove it.”

Confused, Shane stepped inside the bathroom with caution. “How?”

“Easy. Let me take a picture of your dick.”

“What?” Shane blurted out.

“You say I should trust you, right? Well, let me take a picture of your dick. And your face has to be in the picture to.”

“I don’t understand what that has to do with you trusting me?” His hands were now sweating and he could feel his heart beating faster.

“I’ll make it real simple for you. I take the picture and keep it on my phone. And if you ever sext other girls or any other nasty shit, I’ll send the pic to everyone on your friends list.”

His jaw practically hit the ground. “Are you fucking serious? My grandma is on my Facebook.”

“If you don’t do anything shady, like you always claim, you have nothing to worry about. Right?”

“I… yeah, of course.” He looked around as if there was some way he might be able to get out of the situation. But he came up empty. “Let’s just get this over with,” he said with some reluctance.

“Wait.” Leena stopped him as he started to unbuckle his belt. “Go get me a glass of ice water first.”

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. The request was so random that he couldn’t think anything to say.  


He walked to the kitchen, filled a glass with ice from the freezer, then poured water over the ice until it reached the brim of the glass. Then he went back to the bathroom.

“Here.” He extended the glass to her. The condensation caused by the cold ice was running over his fingers.

“Oh, that’s not for me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” There was a strong hint of irritation in his voice.

Leena smiled a big, devilish smile. “I want you to stick little Shane in there for 30 seconds,” she said with a laugh.

“Are you fucking crazy? I’m not doing that shit.” He set the glass of water on the sink and stepped back.

She pouted and started shaking her head side-to-side. “I thought you loved me? Wanted to prove that you loved me?”

“Fuck. Fine.”

He undid his belt and the button of his jeans. Then he unzipped his fly and slowly pulled his pants down around his calves. Leena was giggling at the sight.

“Do I really have to do this?”

“If you love me,” she replied without hesitation.

He shook his head in disbelief. Then, deciding it best to get it over with as quickly as possible, walked over to the glass and dipped his penis in the freezing water. The instant cold pain took his breath away so he couldn’t even gasp audibly.

It was only thirty seconds but it might as well been thirty days. When time was up and he pulled his member from the icy torture device, his penis had shrunken to something resembling a nailess pinky toe.

“God, that was horrible,” he said, not caring if Leena heard or not.


Before he realized what was happening, Leena had already taken a picture. Then, unceremoniously, she walked right past him and into the living room. She tossed the phone onto the coffee table then made her way to the bedroom. All he could do was stand there—pants around his ankles and shrunken penis hanging like a tootsie roll—not understanding what was going on.

“What are you doing?”

She was walking out of the bedroom towards the front door with two full duffel bags in her hands. “We’re through, Shane.”

Shocked, he tried running towards her and pull his pants up at the same time. He accomplished neither and crashed to the floor in a half naked heap. “Babe, wait,” he shouted as he failed to scramble to his feet, slipping again on the tile floor in the bathroom.

“By the way, that girl you don’t know. The one you were messaging. The one you sent dick pics to and tried at least five times to meet in person, was actually me,” she announced across the living room. “I made the profile, you fucking clown.”

Shane finally managed to get himself together enough to get to his feet. “Baby, no. I—”

But with a slam of the front door, she was gone. He knew she was gone for good, too. And with no better idea of what to do, he finally pulled his pants up, walked over to the couch, then sat down to sulk. It wasn’t even a full minute of silence before his phone started vibrating nonstop on the coffee table. He picked it up and to his amazement, he had dozens of text messages and Facebook notifications. The first one was from his friend Mike and it simply said, “Dude, wtf. You gay.”

He didn’t have a chance to scroll through the text before another round of notifications sent his phone into a tizzy. Then, to his horror, a text from his mom popped up. He didn’t have to read it to know the disappointment and disgust his mom felt. For staring back at him from text message was the same picture sent to every single person in his contact and friends lists. A picture of his tiny, shrunken, infant-like penis.

In his anger earlier he hadn’t notice that Leena wasn’t holding her phone. In reality, she was using his. She must have taken it off the nightstand before she woke him up by screaming accusations at him. He was too angry and startled to think about grabbing his phone. He just chased her right to the bathroom. Now, he was fucked good and hard.

With that revelation, his boat sank beneath the ice-cold waters of the ocean.


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