NOTE: Rather than simply suggest a spirit to pair with the subject of this review, Ashleigh Hatter took it upon himself to partake of the drink as he wrote.

Pairs Well With: 

A bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Rum; as fearsome a beast as the great monster of myth, taking shot after shot of this surprisingly sweet, cherry hinted rum is enough to test the resolve of any mortal, and perhaps of Dionysus himself.

Genre: Action/Adventure – Science Fiction

Author: James Lovegrove

Rating: 5 out of 5 shots


The Olympians of old have returned to Earth, and demand that mortals submit to their divine will. Terrible disasters, massive death tolls, and hellish monsters are unleashed upon the modern world until everyone bows to Zeus’ will.

But there are some who resist!

Enter the twelve men and women, each hand picked to don hyper-tech battle suits that may give them the chance to reek their personal vengeance on the very Olympians that wronged them. But when going up against the very gods of Greek mythology, will the advanced tech of the T.I.T.A.N. suits be enough?

Overall Impression:

I freaking loved this book! I got it as a gift from my wife for Christmas and was totally thrown for a loop when I saw the cover. The Age of Zeus? How could this be any good?

Well, I’ll tell you it was an awesome ride!

By no means is it a deep meaningful piece of literature (like some of the other books we’ve reviewed), but that’s the thing! It never tries to be! It’s just a rip-roaring, action packed, man versus god battle royale that reads like a breeze.

The Cheers: 

The action and world building are really what make this book so phantastic. The gods are really well developed (except for a couple that only make brief appearances, sadly), and their monstrous servants are really imposing. You can’t help but love to absolutely hate the guts of the Olympians!

There are lots of characters thrown at you at the very beginning, but only a handful really have a personal depth thrown into them. These are highly memorable, however, and Lovegrove really nailed the cross cultural dialogue (very few British writers that I know of can really nail the American slang and sentence structure with any skill, and Lovegrove rocks at this).

The action scenes are totally legit too! Like, the author doesn’t over burden the reader with exhaustive step-by-step details on everything going on during the battles (and there are f$%@ing TONS of them!) like so many other authors do. He keeps it sharp and relevant, only describing what needs to be described while still making you feel like you could bench press a Kraken by the end!

The Hangover:

As stated above, the character development wasn’t evenly developed throughout the entire group of TITANS. It didn’t distract too much from the overall experience, because there are several deaths within their ranks, but I could tell which characters the author was more heavily invested in by the depth in which he showcased them (and no, that doesn’t mean all of those he favoured live).

There was also a twist at the end that I could see might be a possibility early on, and I was really, really hoping it wouldn’t happen. Spoiler-free answer: it did. However, I’m not hung up on this being an actual jeer, since it was well executed, and more of a personal preference.

Corking the Bottle:

In summation, this is a totally rad book. Do you like Greek mythology? This book’s got it. Like guns? Check. A strong diverse cast of characters, each with funny quips and interesting motivations? Check, check, aaaaaaand check.

This is a really fun read, that I recommend to any of my adult friends (there are some less savoury sexual puns and a scene involving the Lotus Eaters that I want to scrub from my brain) as a quick paced weekend read. It’s 700 pages of awesome, that’ll leave you totally pumped to go punch a Cyclopes in the face!

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