I Won’t Be Coming Home

By Caleb James K.

Nine months I was with you
Your womb I called home
We had a love that was true
Because we were never alone.

When I was born you cried
And you kissed my head
You just knew the doctor had lied
When he told you I was dead.

No heartbeat was a sign
And there was no breath
You prayed I would be fine
That I would come back from my death.

Today I would’ve been seven
Rambunctious and wild
And you’d be in heaven
Every time that I smiled.

When I turned thirteen
You would start to see
Me grow rebellious and mean
Yet you’d still love me.

Eighteen I would go
Away on my own
At college you’d know
How I longed to return home.

Married at twenty-four
You watched me with glee
As I passed through the chapel door
You were right there with me.

With Thirty-three came the divorce
I cried in your arms
I was a fool of course
To fall for his charm.

I’m Forty-five and your grandchildren now sing
Happy birthday to you
And there wasn’t a thing
We’d change or differently do.

Now I’m Sixty-eight
And I’m watching with tears
I wasn’t too late
In my arms you die here.

You lived a long life
And were always there for me
Through struggle and strife
There was nothing you didn’t see.

A full life we had lived
My mother I loved so
Your heart you did give
As you watched me grow.

But none of that’s true
The doctor was right
Nothing he could do
That’s why you cry every night.

My lungs wouldn’t breathe
So I left you all alone
I didn’t want to leave
But with you I won’t be coming home.

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