As the most important high school football game of the year was about to begin, most were debating whether such-and-such player were going to be the key factor in getting their team the victory. They probably would shit themselves if they knew who really was going to be responsible for the outcome of this game. The most likely of… heroes, I guess you could call him. Though, it probably depends on your outlook on things.

Unknown to any of the players or coaches on staff, the team’s only male cheerleader had been orchestrating the outcomes for each game this year. It wasn’t easy, but the cheerleader, Bobby, would be lying if he didn’t admit that it was at least fun. He found there was a bit of a thrill to be had.

Bobby often wondered if this was how the players felt in the heat of battle. The things Bobby did to ensure his team would get the win would make most feel uneasy. And having some morals, he wasn’t always sure if what he was doing was good. When in doubt of his actions, though, he only needed to remind himself that it was best for the team. Of course, this all started some time ago.

For the third year in a row, Bobby was cut from the football team. The excuse the coaches always gave was that it was due to his lack of talent. After three long summers of intense workouts—each time leading to rejection—Bobby couldn’t take it anymore. If talent was what the coaches wanted to see, they better put their glasses on. Because he was going to show them what they were missing out on and how he could be an asset to the team.

But first, there was a lot of work that needed to be done. Bobby still needed access to the team, and if he couldn’t play, the next best thing was to cheer them on. So he joined the cheer squad so it wouldn’t raise too many questions as to why he was always around the team. Sure, he took his fair share of shit from everyone else who had a dick and rode his school bus, but so be it. It would all be worth it. Bobby wasn’t going to let a little thing like pride get in his way.

The next thing he had to do was figure out how to manipulate the outcomes of each game. There are ten games in the regular season. Fortunately, this year’s team didn’t seem to be too bad. This gave Bobby hope that he wouldn’t have to go to great lengths to come up with plans for each of the games. It was better to be safe than sorry. When scheming to fix games, you don’t want to leave anything to chance—or get caught for that matter.

To help get into the spirit of things, Bobby wore what you might consider a uniform of sorts. He wanted to represent his team but had to be careful. Mistakes are easy to make—Bobby had to make sure he didn’t let anything lead back to him or the team. So instead of wearing his school colors, Bobby always had some other rival gear on when he did his business. Couple that with a hat and a wig and you had a convincing disguise.

After the first few games, Bobby got into a nice groove. It’s surprisingly easy what can be done with a little pressure. People fold under it. Most have things that they rather keep secret. It’s a shame so many are afraid of their own sexuality. They can’t simply be open about who they are so they have to constantly worry about some shithead outing them. Fortunately for Bobby, this makes for a good bargaining chip. Of course, he always felt bad about using the “threaten to out an opposing player to their parents” tactic.

If blackmailing didn’t work, there was good old bribery. Give a couple of hundred bucks here or there—make a lineman miss a couple of blocks on third down—pay for some blown coverage in the red zone to make it hard to come back from late in games—these things can be too much for an opposing team to overcome. Of course, this method takes a real toll on the wallet. On the upside, getting cut the last three years allowed Bobby time to build some disposable income. And since this was the easiest way to fix games, he considered it money well spent. After all, what’s the point in having an after-school job if you can’t spend the money on the things you love?

To distance himself from all the players he forced to throw games, he would only refer to them by their numbers. He found it was easier to do the things that needed to be done if he didn’t view his victims as people. Unfortunately, there were a few who didn’t want to play ball. And those few had to be dealt with.

This was where all those hours at the gym came in handy. It takes a great bit of force to break the tibia bone. A well placed 45 lb dumbbell usually does the trick. But Bobby had to make them look like accidents. It would raise suspicions if the opposing teams always had a key player miss a game each week. That’s why everything had to be executed just right.

The tricky part was getting all this accomplished without raising any red flags. Sometimes Bobby needed to take out key players on the other team weeks before the game to suppress suspicions. Along with the blackmail and extortion, it sometimes got to be maddening trying to juggle it all. If not careful, one small thing could cause it to all tumble down like a house of cards.

But after all that hard work and planning, it’s almost over. The opening kickoff of the championship game is fast approaching. In three short hours, Bobby would realize if his efforts would pay off or not. Come Hell or high water, he just knew deep inside that he would learn what it feels like to be a champion—even if no one else would give him credit for it.

In all the local papers Bobby’s team was set as the underdog. But what none of them knew going into this championship game is that the fix is solid. The opposing team is going to lose for sure. This one was harder than most, but Bobby didn’t expect anything else since it’s such an important game. His last victim was a hard nut to crack, but he got cracked. The guy actually had some morals. Can you believe it?

Even if there wasn’t a fix on the game, Bobby still thought his team had a good chance of winning. This idea was solidified when the weather turned bad a few days before the game. And leading up to the kickoff, it was cold with high winds; the making of a run-heavy game—and most likely a low scoring affair. The first to get to double digits would probably get the win. If there was one thing Bobby’s team could do well, it’s run the ball. They ranked 3rd in rushing this year with the starting running back rushing for over 1000 yards for the season. It helps that their run defense isn’t too shabby either. With the fix in place, Bobby was fully confident in winning the game. Just as he had been with every game leading up to his moment.

The fix for this game is pretty standard. Bobby had made it so the QB of the opposing team, number 17. would throw some bad passes during the game. Nothing too obvious. And considering the shitty weather, it shouldn’t be difficult to pull off. It took quite a bit of effort on Bobby part to make this happen, though. Through the combination of a light beating and some nefarious threats directed at #17’s family, the young QB finally agreed to throw the game. Of course, with the weather as terrible as it is, it’s likely that both quarterbacks will have less than stellar performances. Meaning the fix was more than likely unnecessary.

The first half of the game was rougher than expected. The weather took a fierce turn for the worse and both teams struggled to make much progress. And with only three minutes left in the half, the game was much closer than Bobby preferred. #17 wasn’t sticking to the game plan and had been playing much better than he was supposed to—only failing at throwing a few touchdown passes because the wide receivers dropped the ball on each attempt.

Fortunately, the weather only allowed the opposing team to score a single field goal, putting them up three to zero. And with a final surge down the field, Bobby’s team managed to get into field goal range where they were able to tie the game at three apiece going into halftime. While the team was relieved that they were going into the second half all tied up instead of down, Bobby was furious. #17 wasn’t sticking to the plan at all, which means it was time for a little visit.

The only excuse Bobby could think of to get out of his halftime cheer duties was to tell the cheer coach that he had diarrhea and needed to use the restroom. It was embarrassing but far from the worst thing he’d done this season. And since nobody wanted to see a brown volcano erupt on the fresh white snow, he was excused with no questions asked. Bobby sprinted to the closest restroom area, which just so happened to be next to the opponents’ locker room.

Bobby quietly made his way through a crowded corridor and past the restrooms. Around the corner where the opposing team’s locker room was, the team was already pushing through the locker room door. By a stroke of luck, #17 was lagging behind the rest of the team. He was set to be the last one to enter the locker room, but Bobby cut him off and pulled him around the corner away from any prying eyes.

“Hey dickweed, what do you think you’re doing?” Bobby snapped. Even though he was a cheerleader, he loomed over the quarterback. If he had gotten into football at a younger age, Bobby would’ve made a great linebacker.

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