Tears And Wine

By LG Rogers

The art of fine dining,
Sipping and supping,
Ostentatious fussing.
Please pass the ill-fated history,
Plummet my taste into misery.
Do unto others,
Yet ignore all the signs,
A mouth that never stops,
A tongue wagging in wine.
Your flair does not enchant me,
Now please step aside,
Unless you don this façade of mine.
To be made up,
All smiles,
Laugh around the table,
All eyes,
Darken and deride.
Not good enough, no,
Now pass the wine.
It’s diluted by tears and stale with time.
I see you not.
I know you not.
I do not know what I have got,
Except for a poisoned chalice,
And a history of malice,
And salty tears that fall invisible.
Now pass the wine.

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