A Downward Doom

By LG Rogers

Flying towards a downward doom,
In a misguided state of direction.
You stumble around in a whirlwind,
Tail-spinning into the future,
Fueled by preconceived misconceptions,
And terminally deaf perceptions.
Around and around you’ll go,
How can you stop, if you’ll never let go?
But you vowed to hold on forever,
A secret pact published in blood,
Between conscious and subconscious,
Who are unconscious to the obnoxious,
Or so they pretend to be,
Oh, if only your eyes could truly see,
Beyond the pomp of “pretend to be.”
But it’s been such a long time.
Forgotten are the wondrous days,
Of a real reality,
Sans shattered mentality.
The air was sweeter then,
The days much more bright….
Ah, losing sight again,
Thoughts clouded and dim,
Burnt from within by coals of illusion,
Disenchanted delusions.
A love of seclusion,
Camouflages inner disgust,
Yet we all do what we must.
Over your head, the darkness will loom,
While you’re flying towards a downward doom.

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