Sphere Of Moon

By LG Rogers

Underneath the sphere of moon,
Elegance is fleeting,
While nightmares are dreaming.
A grassy knoll mowed over,
And trampled in the wake,
Of an existence of ignorance;
A blissful indifference,
Which shines brightly in the sun,
Yet underneath the sphere of moon
All fabrications come undone.
De-tangled like a sultry wretch,
Mangled slightly.
Maimed? Most likely.
Unknowing, undaunted,
Uncaring, scars flaunted.
Please, won’t you touch my wounds?
Perversity denies all moods,
Underneath the sphere of moon.
Hounds are drooling at your feet,
Blackened puddles on a slippery night,
The harvester is knocking,
Impatiently waiting,
Mythic fate is
Fading…fading… fading….
Wading through ideas,
Through which no one can pass,
Underneath the sphere of moon,
Your luminescence will not last.

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