I bet you always thought the worst part of dying was going to Hell. Well, you’re right. It’s quite awful. Being tormented in your own personal Hell sounds… well… just like Hell. Forced to relive all the mistakes you’d made during your life over and over again for eternity. It’s a neverending nightmare. And if you are a real piece of shit who likes little kids a bit too much—among other heinous things—well, let’s just say the punishment meets the crime.

But now think of this. How does all of that run? How does Hell operate? There are a lot of people in Hell with more coming each day. Somebody or something has to keep it up and running. Before you say it’s Lucifer’s job to run everything, let’s get real. Do you think he gives two shit about Hell? He’s just as bad as any other manager; pushing all the work onto others. I’m sure you heard the expression, “shit rolls downhill.” In Hell, it’s no different. Which means all the work gets put on the low tier demons.

We’re talking about the minor demons here. The lowest on the totem pole. You wouldn’t believe the legwork they have to put in. They’re forced to research your entire life and find out what scares you the most. Made to customize things in a way that would make Hell the worst possible place for you to spend eternity without ever getting used to it. These lowly demons are forced to watch all of humanity’s sins play out in front of their eyes with no hope of moving on to something better. For these demons, torturing you for eternity is their own personal Hell. It’s no wonder they grow to hate you.

These poor saps never had a chance. They were born for the single purpose of tormenting souls. They have never known what joy feels like. As soon as they’re spat out of the foul, evil cesspool of their mothers’ nether regions, their only purpose is to bring pain upon the dammed. There is nothing else they know. No chance to be something good, just another group of vile creatures forced to do Lucifer’s bidding.

For countless millennia the tireless demons supply your torture so there can’t be anything else but pure hatred on their part. The longer a soul is tortured the more it starts to enjoy the foul things that are consuming it. It makes you wonder who has it worse, the punisher or the punished?

Sure, every thousand years or so there’s a demon who tries to change; to put a stop to its evil work; to stand up to it opposer to make things better, not only for itself but for other demons as well. But like all things in Hell, there is no better to be had. Of course, there is a special plan for those few who want to be different.

After being dealt with by Lucifer, these rebellious demons are sent to Earth. They have no memories from when they were demons. Even most of them end up being just as bad if not worse during their time on Earth. There are some who manage to live a good life, but that’s rare.

Unfortunately, even when the good ones die, they go back to Hell since they never had a soul to begin with. This time though, they find themselves on the other side. That is the punishment for disobeying their master. With a human lifetime of memories and experiences to draw from, these sad demons get a taste of the good life before spending an eternity in agony. A fate certainly worse than death.


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