In our first Book of the Month episode, we get drunk and do a terrible job of reviewing Hair of the Dog: Book One, by Matt Holland. We give this book 4 out of 5 whiskey shots. It’s a title any drunkard can get behind. Check out the synopsis below. 

“Magic has cured every disease, wiped out hunger, and made most fuel obsolete. The only problem it hasn’t solved is war. But there’s no profit in peace is there? 

Layla Redford is a mercenary for hire. She’s good at it too. Way better value for money than her competitors. Her latest contract? Track down and put the boot to a group of kidnappers who’ve been dragging innocent people off to the desert. 

A good job and a rare chance to do some good. But Layla’s only lead is disgraced military sergeant, Dominic Asruan. And she’s not the only one on his trail. Dominic is wanted for murder, with a half million bounty on his head. Cash like that is drawing all the scum out of the desert: cannibals, bounty hunters, slavers, a guy who dresses like a snake. Layla has to outsmart, outgun, and outfight them all if she wants to finish her job and free dozens of innocent people.

And get paid, obviously.”

You can pick up the book at

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