“One HELL of a good book!”

Hell invaded Earth for three days… and then it stopped. While most of society believes that the world has returned to normal, Mr. Rhee is a magician who knows there’s still monsters and demons left and that the “Three Days of Darkness” was just the first wave of what’s coming next...

Kickstarter Exclusive

Inside this volume of the popular indie horror series, Mr. Rhee, we see the end of the first act of the Mr. Rhee story. The previous three volumes have been leading up to this story. Even though I didn’t find out about this series until the first three volumes were already out, I can still appreciate all the hard work and time it took for all of the creators to make this happen. And due to all of that hard work, I now have the hardback of this newest volume via Kickstarter.

Dirk Manning is able to craft a compelling ending to this first arc of the Tales Of Mr. Rhee saga in a masterful fashion. Not only does he give us a satisfying closure for these characters so far, we also get plenty of teasers for what’s to come in the series that’ll have you craving more.

If you’ve read any of Mr. Manning’s Nightmare World series, you’ll find some fun Easter eggs strewn about. Also, like the previous volumes after the main story, we are treated to a back-of-the-book story written in a prose style. And I for one always find great joy in reading these. They always add something special to the world of the Mr. Rhee universe.  

The art for this volume is simply breathtaking. Seth Damoose’s art style may have a simple cartoonish look at first, but it doesn’t take long to notice the actual detail that goes into his work. That, along with his ability to tell a story visually, really puts the book on a different level.

So, if you haven’t checked out this series by now and you consider yourself a fan of horror (or just good storytelling in general), do yourself a favor and pick up the first volume and work your way from there. And if you’re ever at a convention and see either of these creators, I highly recommend stopping to chat.

I’m giving Tales Of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4: Everything Burns…

5 shots of whiskey

5 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

Written By: Dirk Manning
Art By: Seth Damoose
Colored By: Anthony D. Lee
Published By: Devils Due

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