I never really understood those people who hate technology. I’m not trying to sound lazy by any means, but it does make life so much easier. The stuff that can be accomplished in seconds that use to take days only a few decades ago. How can that not be good?

Don’t get me wrong, I know the impact it has on the job market. Automation has taken a serious toll on the average Joe’s ability to find a good job in a world where more and more people are joining the search each day. But if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, a lot of those jobs are shit work: cashiers, mindless factory work, truck driving, etc. With the Improvement in technology taking unskilled work off the table, people can finally do the things they’re passionate about.

What has helped people in these new times—with a little less than stellar job market waiting out there for us—has been the implementation of universal income and healthcare. The added income won’t set you up for life, but if manged correctly it can release the pressure weighing so many down right now.

The government knows that life is grueling when people feel like they’re constantly under the gun. Which is where the Health Insures comes into play. Scientists now have created this device that can practically take care of most of your body’s illnesses. It can’t cure cancer yet, but it has had remarkable results in curing things from the common cold to a myriad of mental illnesses.

Think about it, how great it is to have this kind of tech at your fingertips? Any time you’re feeling a little down all you have to do is up your dosage of dopamine with the built-in app. All those feelings that make life too overwhelming to live can now be numbed down to nothingness. No more pills. No more side effects.

The blessings granted by this tech are almost endless. Never again will you have to worry about the pain that comes with depression and most other illness. Now you can wash it all away with an increase of endorphins. A sure-fire way to turn that frown upside down.

There are always going to be those who feel the tech isn’t an actual cure for mental illness and it doesn’t actually make the user happier; it just masks the symptoms. But tell that to someone who was teetering on the edge of oblivion only to get pulled back at the last second with a click of a button. 

And even if it is artificial, so what? As long as you get where you need to be. What is real is all how you look at it. You can deal with what is causing you issues and put in the hard work to better yourself, or you can get the procedure done in fifteen minutes and be on your way to a happier life. The choice is all yours. But really, what are you going to do?   

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