Ghosts In The Hall

By Caleb James K.

Whispers in the cold hallway
    lost in the rushing wind
Almost as if they
    weren’t real but rather came from within.

And the only thing worse
    is the sound of silence
Like the creeping of a hearse
    or the calm before the violence.

Ghosts in my head
    screaming without faces
Wandering through the world of the dead
    showing me such strange places.

And for this I cry
    but not because of pain or fear
For the reason why
    is because I like it here.

The death excites me
    as does the unknown
And the voices plea
    for me to leave them alone.

For I am the bringer of pain
    and sorrow to all
The ghosts try in vain
    but I’m the real demon in this hall.

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