Like at all of the Wizard World Cons, there was a fair amount of panels that people could go to. In fact, there were so many that we couldn’t get to all of the ones we wanted to see. So we had to pick and choose what we wanted to check out. 

Friday Panels

DC Movies From The Bottom To Top:

The host, Mike Watson, had a discussion with the crowd about the most recent DC movies and how it seems that they have finally got on the right track. He went over what they have changed to accomplish this and what to do moving forward. We also talked about if Batman and Superman can fit in with the new movies that DC is putting out. 

MCU Phase 4 Reaction to SDCC

In this panel they went over all of the reaction news about the next phase of Marvel movies and TV shows that got announced at SDCC. Then they discussed what it might mean going forward, what we all would like to see out of this next phase, and what might be next after this with the X-Man and Fantastic Four hopefully coming soon.

The Drink And Draw

This one isn’t actually a panel, but to cap off the first night of the show, the Drink and Draw is a fun event that was held at the Sharp Edge in Pittsburgh. Everyone who showed up got to partake in this. We were able to choose between a couple of games and could write or draw something. It changes from show to show. Once everyone is done a winner was picked and got a prize. 


3 Geeks Podcast Live. Comic Books VS Film Adaptations

Local to the Pittsburgh area, The 3 Geek Podcast talked about all things in the world of geekdom. We got off topic kind of early for this one but it was still a lot of fun to talk to them about all kinds of things. 

Bringing DC Comics To TV 

This was another fun one. There were three guests who attended this con who have been on different DC Comic shows. Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer – Mazikeen), Drew Powell (Gotham), Teddy Sears (The Flash – Zoom). They all talked about how they got onto their different shows. They also shared funny behind-the-scenes stories and the different processes they had to go through with the characters.

3 Geeks Remake Revolution Mortal Kombat

So the guys from 3 Geeks Podcast have this thing where they do a challenge of remaking a different property that has not been doing so well. The topic for this one was Mortal Kombat. As part of the panel, they picked two people from the crowd to help each team. And as it so happened. Caleb and I got picked for the two different teams. All I can say is that my team won.


 Shazam! A Conversation With Zachary Levi

This was just a straight-up Q&A session. He was super funny and was great with all the fans. You could really tell that he cared about spending this time with his fans. Not only was he super fun, but he also opened up about his own personal life and the struggles that he’s had. Then he talked about how he tries to use his past experiences to help people.

Unfortunately, those were all of the panels that I attended for this event. There were a couple more that I really wanted to attend, but as I’ve mentioned, due to how some of the panels were scheduled, I wasn’t able to make it to those ones. There was also the fact that by Sunday, the both of us we’re dead tired. We did way too much walking.

The panels can be a very important part of what makes a good convention. Other than the slight problems with how they were run, all of the panels I was able to attend were pretty good. I just wish I could have made it to more of them.

At the end of the day, it was a fun con.

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