Sunday Bed

By Caleb James K.

Baby when I see you in that sundress
All I wanna do is see you undressed
And I never felt like this before
Everything about you I adore.

And maybe this is crazy
Cuz I’m not even sure what to say
Let’s lie together being lazy
And lounge around all day.

I just want to feel your skin
And get to know your soul
Even if it’s a sin
Being with you is worth the toll.

It started as infatuation
But the years have gone by
With our love hitting peak saturation
We vowed together until we die.

Nobody can know how it feels
To have a bond so strong
For every wound our love heals
So we can always right any wrong.

Right now I just want to feel your skin against mine
For this, anything I would do
So soft and so fine
Our passion will always remain true.

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