And That’s What I Want

By Ashleigh Hatter

Could there ever be

A night for me

to escape without the darkness


on my neck

weighing down my chest

robbing me of rest and all the dreaming that I miss

Could I ever see

a moon rise in relief

a star shine all its peace


of a time

when all I try to rhyme

could ever come to pass to please the hole inside my soul

But something tells

something red and hellish yells

something – heaven and feathers – spells

bells all clingin

this hard life aint one I’m leavin

satisfaction aint worth seein

cause my whole art is born and tells of harder lives than what I want

So pushin on

I’m cast in bronze

I’ll heap it on

more coals to sleep upon

cause gold aint for me

cause fire’s made for me

cause everything I eat and breathe aint nothin but a dream for me

and dammit! I pass these dreams

my dreams!

All onto you

cause that’s the right – the right thing to do

for me to raise up you and wish you the best

and stoke the fire inside your chest

Chase them dreams and learn to soar

and all my pain

what I endured won’t seem so bad

so callous

now that Heaven done filled your chalice and robbed you of malice

so you can live a happy forever

And that’s what I want.


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