Made To Inspire

By Ashleigh Hatter

I’m a hopeless,
but aint we all? Don’t we all,
at some point,
hit a barrier before we fall?
Crumpled at the foot of the wall,
left gnawin trapped foots
trapped feets
trapped hands
trapped dreams
trapped you’s
trapped me’s in a forever of circling
made perfectly imperfect
a genuine incomplete
and it aint no more you than me,
it’s more a we
and the land that we livin in all its upheav’
that’s what we aim to change
that’s why marchin harsh beats
that’s why we takin’ dem streets and livin out conviction in the brightest colour Red.

Oh dammit, believe me when I say
that peace ain’t peace just cause it’s spelled that way
that peace is peace cause of the price we all pay
that peace remains peace only in the darkest smoke of the day.

And I was once thought a lover
a leader
a founder
a preacher,
a thinker and writer of things so
defying that it left all my peers all broken
and cryin
and you’d find me huddled up all
D-pressed and lying, tryin oh I’d be tryin
to lie and say I’m fine
when really, I’m tyin a slip knot on a laundry line
or stashin an extra to slip in the ol’ man’s nine-nine
to end it all,
to end me all before I done hit my prime
all cause the world be too loud and aggressive
and I’m made to feel oppressive
save for the words I love
save for the words I live and spit and shovel and bury and dig
save for the lives that I walk though and love and uprise
save for the works that inspire Downtrodden to survive
– that’s all ME! – and ain’t no one doin it better,
than the Me God planted here.

So let me aside to do my good,
and please don’t
please don’t silence my call.
My aim is to do good on this street,
and maybe even inspire the world.

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