It’s giveaway time! In this Drunken Bullshit episode, we go over the rules to our giveaway, which is a sweet vegan leather DPW journal. We also discuss John Travolta, go into some hot movie takes on IT Chapter 2 and Doctor Sleep, and cover a few other random topics. But here’s what you came for!

If you want to enter the giveaway you have three options:

  • Send us a funny name for Spencer. We give Spencer a funny name every week using alliteration. Such as “The Manitoba Mauler” or “The Babbling Brute of Baghdad.” Just make sure to use a real city, state, or country in the name.
  • Send us a flash fiction story on any topic or theme of up to 500 words. 
  • Send us a funny name for Spencer and a flash fiction story to double your chances of winning.

We’re keeping things simple and pulling names out of a hat. If you send us a funny name you get your name entered one time into the hat. If you send a flash fiction story you get three names entered into the hat. And if you send us a funny name and flash fiction story, you get your name entered FOUR times in the hat. That’s four whole chances to win the sweet DPW journal!

You can DM us funny names on Twitter @drunkpenwriting or on Facebook at


You can send your flash fiction stories in the body of an email by going to our contact page at

You can also send your funny names, or funny names and flash fiction together in an email. This would be most preferred.

We will let the giveaway ride out until we have a decent number of submissions. We will announce the winner on the podcast as well as contact the winner privately.

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