Love So Deep It Changes Things

By Ashleigh Hatter

Why, such a dustland!?

You made me think that
something green and
something leafy grew that
luxury, luscious living and through that
we’d be able to move and
find a new life to establish and spew and
realize only a decade or two in
nothin’ we bought up is what we all wanted an’

then we gripin’ slow
saying mo’ words though they don’ mean more
saying mo’ sayin’s though they don’ change, no
saying mo’ nothin’s to try n’ trick our souls

cause ain’t nothin so real as much
as we feel
or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves
that what we exper’encin is all that defines us an’
that’s that we tell ourselves

GONE are the days when the ol’ were wise
when the sky was high, when the moon was wide,
when all dreams shined bright
NOW are the days when the young are right
when the good ain’t right, when the colour o’ your skin defines
all those things yo grandmas and grandpas died to fight
and uncles and sisters done gave they lives to
make somethin better for those they left behind


gone are those  days
so herald the new and the rays of the hateful sun shining on you
and maybe you’ll find something new, something lovely –

encouraging –

something reduced to the Truth, and maybe others will see that too.
It won’t just be you – it’ll be you and a few to make do with what
you view.
So stay true!
Stay strong,
fight long and hard, pushin back the throng and makin due with what lot this life doles out to you.
Use it. Make it. Bend it. Break it. Mould it. Bake. Define it. Sep’rate it.
And don’t let it decay yet – cause you ain’t done;
no we ain’t done, and it all starts with you
with the world you view
with the love you choose to heap on the souls all around you.
So heap it high, and deep, and strong
and love so deep, so pure, so long that it blots out the hate that we live in today.

Love so deep it changes things.

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