I. Make. Gods

By Ashleigh Hatter

Such is a fire and this 5 and a 9;

Do you see anything of mine?
Pack it in yo pocket
stuff it tight an’  know it’s not mine
an’ I won’t be mad, no we tight
so let’s not fight
take and take from me, bruh take all night
I aim to lose this fight
and you don’t mind when I deck yo ear with diamonds fine
and then you hear
that I’m yo’ bear and protect you, right
a knight o silver ownin shit fo you
you know I do
vehemently, subsequently and so I do
battle the moon
and capsize the night to make things right, bruh

you my bae
all I see
nothin matter mor’in you to me

So trash it
compact it
level the scope and leave the remnant all
skull fractures, and settle the lone
so that the widows are so happy
and leave widowers like before

drunk and uninspired, they no leave

so take a line,
take a numbah, with my truth
go hav’a slumber,
and chop some timber, write your notes
for you to go broke
like all those poets hittin flows
and when time come for you to look upon yo chest
and you see the gol’ laid rest
and you think you be the best
look back to the hurtin and the losin and the lost and all usurpin
an’ see that You the enemy that they be seekin
to supercede and reduce to not

yeah, disregard me cause I’m

drunk and uninspired, they no leave

and all your paychecks
even forever from now
will be signed by me.

Love me.
Cause I’ll give you a face with the words I make and gloss o’er your mistakes.

an’ I hate you.

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