Halloween Tales

By Sunita Sahoo

It was a full moon night
Those wild bats perching upside down was a creepy sight
Everything around seemed so still
The sight of tombstones gave me a sudden chill
The alleys reeked of ravenous zombies
Parading crazily, with protruding eyes and wavering bodies
Trembling with fear, I pass by Tillson Street
I could see children dressed up like monsters, yelling “Trick or Treat!”
From the nearby castle, I hear the sound of drum
Lured into a trance, I find myself outside the gate with banner displayed as “Welcome”
I stood in front of the entrance door
Expecting no spooky surprises anymore
The door creaked
Oh! It made my heart skip a beat
There stood a witch with pointy hat and warty face
Stirring a cauldron, staring at the blank space
Our eyes met as I tried to tiptoe out of the room
Emitting a maniacal cackle, she rode away in her broom
Bewildered, I ran as fast as I could
Alas! I stumbled upon a coffin which did me no good
Heard a voice from within, so rough and plummy
Sneaked a peek just to discover an embalmed mummy!
Terrified at the sight, I passed out
Couldn’t comprehend what ’twas all about
Waking up, I find myself in a bed of roses
Wondering what hidden threat it poses!
Beside me, stood a tall young man
Clad in black, trying to restrain himself as best as he can
Skin so pale and white
Canines, so pointed and sharp that poisons if it bite
His presence filled me with unchaste desire
I wondered if he was a Vampire!
Staring at me intently, sporting a sly grin
It seemed as though he was about to commit a pleasurable sin
Hypnotized by his charm, I reluctantly gave in
He moved closer, I felt the coldness of his skin
Leaning close to my ears, he whispered, “Happy Halloween”
In the blink of an eye, he was nowhere to be seen!

About The Author

Sunita works as a Senior Software Engineer. She hails from Odisha, India and loves writing poems and flash fiction. Her work has been published in Indian Periodical, Eleventh Transmission, I’m Not a Silent Poet Mag, Poesis, Poets Choice Zine and Friday Flash Fiction.

Most of her works are based on her real life experiences, profound reflections of the human mind, dreams, fantasies and burning social issues. Her hobbies include travelling the world. She loves dogs and is a proud owner of two!


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