Blood Ties

By Caleb James K.

The bodies stacked up
And the murders kept on
With a knife to the gut
And blood spilt til dawn.

The man in the mask
Crept through the house
To finish his task
Was silent as a mouse.

And each member
Of the family he did kill
Except he couldn’t remember
If he got the little girl named Jill.

He crept down the hall
To the little girl’s room
Stayed close to the wall
As he prepared for her doom.

He entered with glee
Yet kept his cool
As silent as could be
He pulled out his tool.

He neared the little girl’s bed
Hammer in hand
Soon she would be dead
Not long after it did land.

But when he pulled back the covers
His hammer held high
He was shocked to discover
A smile that said “hi”.

The girl stared into his eyes
Her smile never fading
And he didn’t know why
But her life he wasn’t taking.

He paused only for a bit
But is was a bit too long
For her knife had slit
His gut open all wrong.

On the floor he bled
With her hovering over
And before he was dead
He realized what drove her.

For madness runs deep
As in the genes of his daughter
But he didn’t know she could reap
Such vengeance upon her own father.

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