One of the best things about the 2019 Wizard World  Columbus was the number of artists and creators. If you read our write up from Pittsburgh, you already know that is something we always look for in a show. And we were not disappointed in that regard with Columbus. I’ll highlight some of those for you now.

I have not yet had a chance to read any of the books I’ve picked up, so unfortunately, I’m unable to go into any detail and the following information is coming from the back of the books or the creators themselves.

Travis Horseman is the writer of Amiculus: A Secret History it is a series about Rome right before its falls. In this story, the fall of Rome is not from all the reason you learned in school but rather from a shadowy figure who pulls the strings causing the great empire’s downfall. Travis also had an issue of Sugar Creek, a comic about a town with a dark history that is about to come back as the town reaches its 200th anniversary. Both look like great stories.

Brian E Lau is the author of Inferno City Firehouse. As a dedication to his grandfather, Brian takes thetrue stories of Detroit firefighters and gives you an inside look at the life of a firefighter. He also has three issues out of Staunch Ambition, which is about the expansion into scientific breakthroughs and what that might mean for humans.

George Michail is an author of Cover of Darkness, a story about a family who get separated during the 1800s or so and must deal with the trials and tribulations forced upon them in order to come back together. If you are a fan of monsters, this has them all: werewolves, vampires Frankenstein’s monster, and The Mummy. It looks like a really cool title.

Ray Wenck is an author of many novels, mostly in the post-apocalyptic genre. If you’re a regular listener of the DPW Podcast, we did a review on his book Tower of the Dead. I ended up picking up the next two books in that series, Island of the Dead and Escaping the Dead. He’s a great writer with a lot of awesome titles under his belt.

And as always, Mike Watson was putting in work at this Wizard World event. There wasn’t anything new from him comic book wise that I haven’t already bought previously. There was some artwork I picked up, though, but I’ll get to that later. Check out some of my past reviews of his comics to get a feel for his books.


One of the first commissions I picked up was from Steve Messenger over at Myths and Mystics. It was a Venom and his work was so good that it made me double-dip and have him do a Nightcrawler commission for me on Saturday. He does original art, commissions and prints, and he also has a D&D podcast. A very talented guy all around.

Chris Williams is an illustrator, cartoonist, character designer, and portraitist. I had him do my first ever Dragon Ball commission and it’s of Piccolo. As you can see, he does incredible work.

And then there is Mike Watson. As I stated before ,if you are familiar with our coverage of these Wizard World events, you know what a fan I am of Mr. Watson. Even though he didn’t have any new comics for me to pick up, I was still able to get an awesome commission of The Flash. Then I was able to get an original page of his flagship title Hotshot. It’s hard to beat that!

Now, let’s talk about the panels and events that were being held at Columbus this year.


3 Geeks Podcast News:

The guys from the 3 Geeks Podcast went over the news and rumors of all things pop culture. They also answered questions and had an interactive discussion with the audience. It was an entertaining panel as always.

Comics Representation Or Pop Culture Affirmative Action:

Mike Watson was the host of this panel about how comics are trying to have a more diverse line of characters, and if they are doing it correctly or are just throwing in diversity because that’s the thing to do these days. This was a fun panel and sparked a very lively debate amongst Mike and some of the audience members.

Wizard World Drink N Draw:

We capped the night off by attending the official Wizard World Drink N Draw hosted by Joe Wos of Maze Toons. It was a real raucous bar but the food was good, the drinks were cold, and the games were entertaining.


MCU Phase 4 Reactions To The News And Revelation:

Mike Watson went over some of the newest news and rumors surrounding the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was a lot of fun bouncing ideas back and forth and trying to figure out what’s in the future for the next wave of Marvel movies.

3 Geeks: Anime-Niacs:

This discussion revolved around how animated movies don’t get the credit they deserve. And of course, we got off-topic and talked about anime just in general and some other random things.

Mental Health, Trauma And Superhero Therapy: Finding Healing In Comics And Pop Culture:

This panel was about how therapists are helping kids with therapy involving superheroes, D&D, and other pop culture communities to help people feel included and work through some of the trauma they have been through.

Cosplay Contest:

Then as always, Saturday closesd with the cosplay contest. This contest was surprising in that the grand prize was a hefty 10 thousand dollars! There were a lot of cool cosplayers who entered this contest. But I’m not quite sure how some of the judging works. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of their choices. But in at the end of the day, everyone seemed to have a good time. Also, Skelator won.

After the con closed on Saturday we decided to check out the Wizard World After Party. This was the first time that we’ve gone to one of these and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was held in an arcade bar which was also a first for me. And to top it off there were comic themed drinks, which you know we had to partake in.


By the time Sunday rolled around we were both pretty beat. And there weren’t any particular panels that day we wanted to see. Not that there weren’t any good ones, it was just that we’d seen some of those at other Wizard World shows, so we decided to pick up the last couple of things we wanted to buy and head out a little early to beat the traffic back home.

I would also like to point out that there were a lot of things for the cosplay community that seemed pretty cool. There was a ton of stuff for the kids that attended this convention too, which I thought was a nice touch. They even had their own little area and events strictly for them. 

This was a good show in a great city with even better people. We’ll definitely attend this show again in the future.

 I give Wizard World Columbus 2019…

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

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