The Show

As I’ve said, the show floor was put together in a great way. When it comes to the actual show itself, I thought it was pretty good, too. It had good quality vendors, good artists and creators (more on that later), great entertainment and events/performances, okay panels, and okay celebrities. For me, the last two things on the list brought the overall score down a bit. But certainly not by much.

There wasn’t a big name celebrity at this show. Cary Elwes was the main attraction, and don’t get me wrong, I love me some Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride is my favorite movie), but I wouldn’t consider him a main event draw. The other celebrities were all respectably known in their own right, but there wasn’t anyone to bring in the casual entertainment fans. Which is fine by me; I don’t go to these things for celebrities anyway. But I could see how some casual con-goers might’ve been disappointed. The biggest names besides Cary Elwes was Henry Winkler, Wallace Shawn, and perhaps David Ramsey. Also, the Honkey Tonk Man was at the show and he didn’t wear underpants. Don’t ask how I found that information out.

Here’s a wholesome pic of Wallace Shawn to scrub that image from your brain.

As for the panels, I have to judge them somewhat unfairly as I skipped a lot of them because I’ve attended them at other shows. This means there wasn’t any problem with their quality or subject matter, it’s just that they were no more than a rerun for Spencer and I. It seemed like the show attendees enjoyed them plenty. And that’s what’s most important.

Spencer has more insight on the matter, so you can click HERE to check out his perspective on things. For me, the show itself was a lot of fun and I think most were quite satisfied with the show Wizard World put out in Columbus this year. Speaking of events, that brings me to my next topic.

After The Show

Where we had the most fun was at the after-show events. On Friday night we went to the Wizard World Drink N Draw at BBR (a cool sports bar). And while the noise level was damn near deafening due to there being an OSU game on, we had our own corner to drink, and uhh, draw.

This Drink N Draw was hosted by the always entertaining Joe Wos, who did an amazing job. And unlike past versions we’ve attended in other cities, he had a lot, and I mean A LOT of swag to give away; including two Wacom drawing tablets. The topics were fun and at one point he even grabbed a random bar patron for us to draw. I won’t share my terrible drawings, but I did score an awesome pen set as well as the dopest John Cena lunchbox! The latter of which I walked proudly through the streets of Columbus with, much to the envy of all who witnessed my glory.

Saturday we accidentally attended the official Wizard World after party. I say accidentally because we had planned on going to this arcade bar next to our hotel after Saturday’s show, not knowing that the party was being held there.

We met and hung out with some cool Wizard world staff members and guests until they began to tear up the dance floor with their wicked moves. Your favorite DPW buffoons are good at drinking but bad at dancing, so we spent the rest of the evening badly playing arcade games. We didn’t take any pics of the night (at least not any I can share with the public), but you can check out the crazy dancing on the Wizard World Facebook Page.

The food was delicious, btw.


Sunday was a recovery day for us, and since there weren’t any panels for us to cover anyway, it all worked out for the best. We spent the day talking to creators and vendors. This was great because it gave us a chance to learn some inside details about selling your work and booking shows. All of which we hope to do in the future.

All in all, Columbus is a great city and I recommend checking out this show in the future. There is a lot to do and the people are friendly. In closing, I’ll leave you with some random pics from the weekend. Cheers!

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