The Secret To Invulnerability

By Ashleigh Hatter

The world might freeze and kings might scream,
And crowds may chant
—turn violent—
But even if the bombs are set
And bullet’s fired through brother’s chests,
I’ll not fear, no,
I’ll rejoice and
Dance my way through lands enchant’d
While this Hell is ending itself.

Nothing will harm me
No, these wars can’t touch me
For I will succeed.

The outside world with hate unfurled,
Will mock and laugh
All while they can
Demanding entry to my peace
or begging that I give relief,
For their wars, no,
I’ll ignore and
Delve into a sea of magic
Housed inside these sheaves of leafs.

Nothing will harm me
Politics can’t touch me
No, not while I read.

They’ll enter in my house, through sin
And burn my home
Throw fire ’round
To kill my Keep of books and peace
And kill me too—this will appease
Their anger? No!
I’ll not fight them
While I walk on distant planets
Content in words while this life burns.

Nothing will harm me
Your hatred is folly
Because I can read.

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