We discuss the stories we read last week, “The Tower of the Elephant” and “The Scarlet Citadel,” on the episode airing this coming Friday the 7th. So be sure to listen to that one when it drops.

For this week, we will be reading “Queen of the Black Coast,” “Black Colossus,” and “Iron Shadows in the Moon.”

Check out the details below:

Queen of the Black Coast: In Queen of the Black Coast, Conan joins with Belit, the magnificent pirate queen, whose fathers were the kings of Askalon! There is a frightening conflict with a monster winged ape before the sorrowful passing of the Queen of the Black Coast. She who belonged to the sea; to its everlasting mystery he returned her.Queen of the Black Coast also contains a second Conan story — The Vale of Lost Women, in which the massive Cimmerian rescues the girl Livia from her barbarous captors.


Black Colossus:A godly command places Conan in charge of a mighty army tasked with saving a haunted princess and the kingdom of Khoraja from a mysterious sorcerer.

Conan Wiki

Iron Shadows in the Moon: On the run from the army of Turan, Conan and fellow fugitive Olivia hide out on a small island in the Vilayet Sea. They soon find themselves stalked by an unseen terror in the jungles and threatened by a group of pirates belonging to the Red Brotherhood, which is led by Conan’s sworn enemy-Sergius of Koth! However, those may be the least of Conan’s concerns, because when the moon rises on this island, the ruins of a lost civilization stir and an ancient, deadly curse awakens! Conan will be pushed to his limits as he and Olivia fight to survive!


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