We discuss the stories we read last week, “Queen of the Black Coast,” “Black Colossus,” and “Iron Shadows in the Moon,” on the BookCast episode airing this coming Friday the 14th. That’s right, we’re spending V-Day with Conan!

This week, we will be reading “Xuthal of the Dusk,” “The Pool of the Black One,” and “Rogues in the House.”

Check out the details below:

Xuthal of the Dusk: Conan and his companion Natala discover the nearly abandoned city Xuthal in the desert, occupied only by a Stygian witch and a shadowy demon.

Conan Wiki

The Pool of the Black One: Conan makes himself the captain of a pirate vessel and travels to a remote island with a mysterious pool that has powers of transmutation.

Conan Wiki

Rogues in the House: Conan is drawn into a feud between a priest and a nobleman in Corinthia, and ends up trapped in a house and hunted by a beast.

Conan Wiki

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