Does Jesus Love The Black Man?

*Today’s featured author wished to remain anonymous*

Pray to our God
  to undo the hurt we have caused you
Worship our savior
  and do what we tell you to.

Forget your culture
  there is no past
All of your Gods
  Are gone at last.

Now live for our savior
  and hold our beliefs
Don't think for yourself
  and bury your grief.

We killed your culture
  and rewrote your history
Banished your ancestors
  and made them a mystery.

We told you you're loved
  that your suffering was in God's plan
And prayer would protect you
  but does Jesus love the black man?

It's hard to say
  why God's eyes went blind
Through all the pain
  That had gone by.

Maybe He doesn't care
  when things happen to black folk
He stays asleep
  and can't be woke.

Not until it happens to us
  does He open his eyes
Or so we are told
  but it is all lies.

Because if He can't love us all
  black white woman or man
And stop all the suffering
  why should any of us follow His plan?

Love thy neighbor
  our brothers and sisters
That's what our book says
  but our beliefs are like twisters.

We take our truths
  and throw them in the air
Swirl them around
  and what comes back is rare.

For our truths return twisted
  ugly and wrong
The original message defiled
  with all its love gone.

So love thy neighbor
  changes its meaning
To love them only
  if their skin is white leaning.

The more pure the better
  for the blessed skin is white
Like softly fallen snow
  this is said to be right.

At least according to our book
  it started with Adam and Eve
Whites were the first people
  We are taught to believe.

Maybe this is why
  your pain doesn't matter
By those who believe
  your suffering is only background chatter.

Many Gods came before
  ours was forced upon you
By the white man's hand
  amends are long overdo.

For the sins of our fathers
  cannot be undone
The pain will live on
  in the hearts of everyone.

But even if our savior doesn't
  we can individually show
That love is stronger than hate
  this we all know.

And whether or not
  Jesus loves the black man
It matters little
  because we have a new plan.

We don't need a book
  nor any God to say
Who we can love
  or show respect to each day.

We forge our own destiny
  and have from the start
Because when God goes silent
  we can still open our hearts.

He can ignore pain
  but we don't have to
He can close his eyes
  but we all see what it is we do.

Our vision clear
  to love we ran
And to all our sisters and brothers
  it doesn't matter if Jesus loves the black man.

When he won't
  we can.

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