“What happens to a town after 200 years of violence? Spoiler: nothing good.”

At first glance, the village of Sugar Creek, Ohio is little more than a “wide-spot-in-the-road,” no different from any number of small towns dotting the Midwest. Yet the land on which it sits contains a dark history far older than the village itself, filled with slaughter and bloodshed, that has nurtured a monstrous horror beneath its placid surface. As the town prepares celebrations for its 200th anniversary, this horror threatens to burst forth into the light of day.


Travis Horseman creates a pretty interesting tale of a small town called Sugar Creek. In this little Ohio town, over 200 years ago, a series of violent events unfolded and has been brewing below the surface ever since. It all comes to a head when two local police officers get a call that leads them to a house at the edge of town. Here they finally find the root of the bloody history of Sugar Creek.

Brent Bowman’s art can be hit-or-miss. He seems to be able to handle the horror aspects of the story pretty well, but I find that some of his people—when they’re just having a conversation—don’t look quite right. But other than that, I think the book looks pretty good. I especially like the cover to this comic.

The idea for this comic is cool as hell. You have a single spot that is like a black hole. But instead of sucking up all matter, it sucks up violence and death. And eventually it becomes a conscious being that craves more. What happens when it craves violence and death? I think you already know.

So, if you’re looking for a quick shot of horror, you may want to give this book a chance. It’s a one-and-done story, but I could see them doing more If this does well.

I give Sugar Creek…

3 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

Written By: Travis Horseman 
Art By: Brent Bowman 

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